Be Greatful for a Gratitude Journal... guaranteed to make you smile!

Normally (99.9% of the time) I turn down reviews for apps.  But, when I was contacted to review the Prana to the he People's "Gratitude Journal" app, I couldn't pass it up.  This app is amazing. The whole point behind it is to teach you to be grateful for your life, and what you already have through the use of a Photo Gratitude Journal APP.

Here is how it works....

From the minute you open the app you are given a tutorial that first asks what you are grateful for, then prompts you to take a photo or choose from your library.  Then you will give the photo a title and choose a category.  Here are a couple of mine...

 Then once you have populated the app with a few things that your are grateful for, you set a couple of reminders.

  1. Daily Reminder-Set this to remind yourself to think of something you are grateful for to add a new entry each day.  Plus, this will also get you thinking happy thoughts about your life.
  2. Gratitude Gift-This one is my favorite. This is basically an alarm that goes off to show you one of your randomly selected entries.  This is guaranteed to give you an extra smile everyday!  I could be having the worst time, but if a photo of Ollie popped up...  #happyasapigin
  3. Lapse Reminder- Just in case life is going too fast to stop when the daily alarm goes off...this is to remind you to stop slacking after a few days.  I set mine to two. 

Then, once you have spent a few days populating your Gratitude Journal App, it will look like this...

See what I mean!  How wonderful is an app that you open up and see nothing but  things from YOUR life that make YOU happy?  And it's only .99cents!  No way was I going to pass up the opportunity to share this with you. Another thing I love about this app, I can gift it to a friend in need of some smiles. Or even someone who is grieving; using this app I can help them populate the app and set the reminders so everyday they are reminded to smile and be thankful.  This one is a good one for sure!

BUY IT NOW: On iTunes Click Here

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