Baby's First Haircut. I cried. I shouldn't have.

"HE CUT HIS HAIR!  HE CUT MY BABY'S HAIR!"  I yelled into the phone at my sister.  My sister, my older and wiser mother-of-two sister, calmly told me to get over myself, it was inevitable. Just as she had calmed me down and talked sense into me, FTD yelled from the other room, "Come see he doesn't look like a baby anymore, he looks like a MAN!"  Ok, y'all. So now, not only did FTD cut my baby's hair, he turned him into a man?! Oh. No. He. Didn't!

Before I tell you about wanting to plot FTD's slow painful death, I will tell you how we got to the haircut in the first place...

Need I say more?

Ollie's hair has clearly been bothering him for a couple of months now. Yes, I said a couple of months. It all started when his hair grew over his ears.  He started pulling at it, or trying to flick it away. I would just kind of tuck it behind his ears and that would be that... until it bothered him again.

Then a few days ago after a long nap Oliver looked like he had stuck his hands on one of those static balls.  His hair was long, tangled and sticking out everywhere. I carried him out to the living room so FTD could see his crazy fro. After we had a good laugh at Ollie's crazy hair, FTD announced it was (WAY) past time to cut the poor child's hair.
The poor dude was rocking a rat tail!

I don't know what was keeping me from wanting to cut Oliver's hair. Maybe I was afraid of this milestone.  Maybe I am just tired of all of the milestones and want to slow things down.  Maybe I just don't like change.  What ever it was, I actually felt pain in my heart at the thought of the cut. I wasn't ready and that was that.  My selfish ass clearly didn't care that Ollie and FTD were ready.

Yesterday after Ollie's bath, FTD put Ollie in his highchair and started hacking away. I ran to the bedroom freaking out and called my big sister. After unloading my poor me pity party on my sister, she helped me to understand the most important thing was that Ollie would be so happy to have all of that hair chopped off.  All I could do was agree with her case, and stop protesting my feeble, "me-me-me BUT I'm not ready" case.

So when FTD yelled for me to come see my new and improved man, I dried my tears and hoped for the best...

OH MAAAAHHH GAAAAAWWWWDDDD Oliver looked SO dang cute!  As much as it pains me to say this, he did look like a little boy, not a baby... I found a very happy and handsome little boy staring at me. With all of his wild and unruly locks cut off, I could see his ears, neck, and sweet face.  I have to admit, the hair cut looked awesome and I am SO glad WE decided to do it. ; )

He is loving the short do.
No hair over his ears anymore!

Such a perfect little do.

Such a BIG boy!
Where did my baby go?

If you are sitting there with a 12-month old baby growing a super mullet, I say cut it! Go for it.  You will be so glad you did.  I mean, after all, if long wild hair was awesome on guys, then 80's hair bands would not have caught so much shit! Go grab the box of Kleenex, and the camera and do the damn thing, your baby will thank you for it!

Look how happy this boy is!!

SPECIAL NOTE FROM FTDHey...It was no picnic for me either! Just to let everyone know, this was a calculated and military-style operation, not a simple HACK n SLASH! There is an abundance of concern and care when holding scissors mere millimeters from your baby's head! I do not suggest for one minute that you try this at home UNLESS you have EXTREME confidence and super-awesome haircutting skills (like me!!!). Go to a kids hairdresser N00bs! 

SO...I loaded up the "wiggles"in the dvd, turned up the volume, gave him the r2d2 and we were OFF! Wooo Hoooo! I decided on using the safety scissors from the "first aid doc to go" kit that we recently reviewed (and love) - awesome choice - precise and "safe" rounded ends. Trimmed off the ear-stragglers and quickly removed the wads of mullet from the rear...all before the next song! Cleaned up the tricky bits at the neck line, trimmed the fringe and VOILA! Clean NUGGET and one HAPPY boy!

Next...maybe I can get a go at mummy's head one day soon!

SPECIAL NOTE FROM FTM TO FTD:  Sounds great honey! How about you cut my hair the day after... NEVER!

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Unknown said...

Oh you guys!!! He looks so handsome!!! I've been trying to convince my sister that those "curls" my mother-in-law is always reminiscing about are for little girls and the 70's and 80's... LOL- sorry... I'd give Chase a haircut, but he's always looked like he has a fade.

Great job FTD! :)

Layes Landing said...

So cute!! FTD maybe does have super awesome hair cutting skills, but April I'm not sure I'd allow him near YOUR hair! Good job y'all.

Unknown said...

So much fun to be had at the first hair cut.... I have photos of both mine. and Locks I think. I hope you kept a lock....

Alissa said...

What a cute little man!! And he has gorgeous eyes!! I never noticed them before. Whatch out April and FTD... you are going to have to fight off the ladies when he gets older. And way to go FTD, you did a spectacular job.

Firsttimedad said...

Lady...I've filled a kroger bag with golden strands just in case we have to clone him in a few years for spare parts!

Firsttimedad said...

Thanks Alissa. I reckon it was a pretty good job too! Hopefully next time I'll get to use the clippers!

Firsttimedad said...

Nothing that a good "buzz-cut" can't fix

foodpixie said...

Great job FTD! I had to trim my 1 year old's bangs since they were in her eyes, but I had to do it while she was asleep. Great tip on the safety scissors!

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

Yeah, I was loving the 'curls' too. but then I realized his head just looked like a hot mess of redneck baby. It was time...

Oh, and I was SUPER impressed with FTD's job. We just knew Ollie would lose his shit in a barber chair. So we took matters into our own hands.

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...


FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

We were going to try sleep trimming to clean up all of the edges but decided it look fine. He was smart grabbing the safety scissors... I'm glad we had that kit!

Jen Provenzano said...

It takes like crazy bravery to commit to an at-home haircut on a kiddo this small! Hats off to you for pulling it off FTD! April, I cried during Leo's first cut too...which happened at a kid's hairdresser out in public. Oh well. I'm a mom. I'm entitled. I totally agree about how their face changes though! Loved that part!

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

Yeah, my sobbing in public came in at reason number 44 I let FTD do the honors. I just cannot get over his big boy face coming through that hair cut!

Unknown said...

He looks like a tiny version of FTD, doesn't he? Like your husband was shrunk to baby size!

My husband cut our daughter's hair one day without even discussing it with me first. I cried and cried. The worst part? He gave her a mullet! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHH!!!