A first birthday party just for baby.

Being the huge traditionalist FTD and I are, we decided to have one hell of a party  to celebrate Oliver turning one.  We invited ourselves and the 'bloody' cat, got a cake, a hot wheel, Mylar balloon and after we Skyped FTD's family in Australia, we turned off our computers and other assorted electronic devices, and commenced to celebrate our beautiful son.  Oliver's birthday was a huge celebration of him, and us. The three of us enjoyed every minute, completely stress free!

Yes, Ollie, FTD, the bloody cat and I partied all day! Well, my mom stopped by, but only for an hour or so, and Ollie took two naps, but other than that, we were ANIMALS!!!  We spent the day crawling around on the floor, playing with Hotwheels, and laughing as a family. It was the most wonderful day I can remember in a long time.

FTD and I decided that we didn't want a house full of people and kids, just to say we celebrated our son's first birthday properly. Oh, and, I ain't gonna lie, I didn't want to cook a bunch and clean up, then clean up again after everyone left, and FTD didn't want to have to fight kids off his Lego collection and electronics. All we really wanted was to be with our son.  We have the rest of Ollie's life to have big parties, this first one was for us...

We were also worried that a bunch of friends and family would ultimately freak Ollie out. He is not used to a lot of people, he is a stay-at-home no daycare friends baby. Also, I don't have a very big family, so even at family gatherings Ollie doesn't get exposed to that many people.

The day started with Skypeing his Nana and uncles so they could wish him a happy birthday, and watch him open the presents they sent over for him.

This is for me!

Next, it was time for him to put on his big boy birthday Lederhosen.  For those of you who do not know, FTD is half Austrian, he holds dual citizenship.

HAHAHA Look at me!!
Yes, he is running down the hall laughing away! 

Then it was balls out play time!!

My mom turned up for this.
She brought more Mylar balloons and trucks!

Then after a short intermission.... Nap time.... it was time to smash the cake!!

Or not...

Ollie just looked at it, like WTF is this.
A toy? Where are the wheels?
FTD wrote all over it in icing...
what can I say, we put our seal on everything...

So, he poked it...
And that was it.
The cake failed the poke test.

I tried giving him a spoon...
he ate the spoon instead...

Daddy even tried to show him the cake was awesome
 by sticking his face in the cake!
Ollie was not impressed...
I called FTD the Count of Monte Cake-o...

In the end I gave him a little slice..
he was still not interested
he is a boss baby...
who cannot be bothered to get messy.

Well, I survived Oliver turning one!  I did not require admittance to the padded crazy house after all...(Sorry to those who lost the bet!) No major tears or pity parties either! However, I did wax the hell out of nostalgia all day, as did FTD.

I kept trying to tell Ollie the story of, "A year ago today..." then I would choke up thinking back... What a day that was... FTD kept saying, "I remember when I could hold you in the palm of my hand..."  I would laugh at that, because at 30 inches long and 27 pounds, he is not palm material anymore!

Hold your babies tight mommies and daddies, because the time goes way to fast!

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