12 Month Well Baby Check-up... Who you calling fat?

With Ollie's first birthday, came his 1-year well baby check-up. As a rule, I love well baby check-ups.  Oliver is a super baby, I love showing him off! He is healthy, happy, exclusively breastfed and for the most part, fed only organic and natural foods.  He started walking and babble talking at 11-months old. Seriously, my kid is rad!  Hell yeah I love I well baby check-up!  Until now. The doctor said he was overweight, and would like to see him slimmed down a bit.  Whhhhhaaaaat?!

Oliver is 31.5 inches tall and weighs 27 pounds.  These measurements put him in the 75-percentile for height, and 95% for weight.  Our pediatrician told us he was over weight and that we should take his food away before he finishes eating to see how he reacts.  The motivation behind this is that he is full, but still eating.   And our doctor said that baby-toddlers will sometimes eat until they are super full, but that is not Ollie! OK yes, sometimes he eats heaps, but other times he barely eats. I am also not to nurse him once I put him to sleep for the night, until he wakes up for the day 11-12 hours later.  All of this plus his walking and playing should, "slim him down."  I just stared back at the doctor nodding my head, but the whole time thinking, YOU ARE WRONG!!

My baby-toddler is 12-months old, he is by no means obese!  Up until our doctor visit, I thought he was perfect!  I'm sorry, No, I am not sorry or apologizing!  My kid is awesome, and I have no plans to take his food away. If he is hungry he can eat.  Maybe I am wrong, but my mother's instance has gotten me this far, no way am I going to turn my back on it now!  Plus, who is to say he is not on the edge of a growth spurt, so he has just plumped up for it.  Dude, my kid is not fat! I cannot believe I even had to have that talk with the doctor!

Who puts a baby on a diet?  Ollie is not even off the charts!  He is on the chart, and not even on the edge! I mean, look at him, he is not a fatty!

So his belly sticks out a little, it balances his little bottom.
And yes, maybe he is trying to snack on chap stick.  Whatev...

Maybe he is a little round.  He's a growing boy!
Yes, that is deodorant he is trying to snack on. Whatev...

Holy shit I am so annoyed by this!  Of course I believe it is a reflection of the parents if their baby is fat.. From now on I will try to make sure he has more fruits and veggies, instead of pastas and breads. One of my nephews was a super duper fat baby, I mean massive! Now, he is super active and skinny, and as tall as his older brother.

I have come to learn that each baby is different, and while mine may be at the top of the WHO weight spectrum for babies his age, I refuse to believe he is obese! I adore our doctor, so I will certainly take this matter into consideration. I will monitor his eating, but put him on a diet, I refuse!

When he grows a little and stretches out
 he becomes a lean mean,
escape machine!

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