Parenting at its finest hour...I get mad, he laughs at me.

Lately Oliver has started this bad habit of throwing his food on the floor. All of it!  It drives me CRAZY.  I load up his tray with his meal, he takes a bite, and then throws the rest on the floor laughing. I am not sure if it is because the cat is always sitting at his feet hoping for chicken or fish, or if Oliver just likes throwing his food, but he does, and I am sick of picking it up!

The only way to get him to eat a full meal is to place one piece of food at a time in front of him to pick up and eat. Yes, he has to be the one to pick up the food and feed it to himself.  I can have nothing to do with the actual act of the food getting into his mouth. So, even though it makes me nuts, I sit in front of him and give him one bite at a time.

This evening he walked over to his chair before I was finished making his dinner, so I let him have a few puffs to snack on while I finished cooking. Well sure enough, he ate one and started throwing the rest on the floor.  I got so mad I took the rest of the puffs off of his tray, looked at him and said, "ALL GONE!" He just looked at me and started laughing hysterically.  He wouldn't stop! FTD grabbed the camera and started recording.

So, my friends, I present to you today, for the very first time ever, video of Ollie... laughing at me... as usual!

I hope you enjoy....

Anyone been through this?  Have any ideas on how to stop him... from throwing his food of course... We all know he is never going to stop laughing at me!

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