Oh dear... My 11-month-old baby is a drunken zombie walker...

At 6-months-old Ollie started cruising. At 10-months-old he took his first un-aided  steps.  Well, at 11-months and 6-days-old, my baby started walking. I mean full-ass-on walking.

At some point last week he began insisting on being put down in the standing position.  Every time I would try to set him down he would lock his legs out like a kickstand on a bike. He refused to sit down, I would hold have to his hands so he would drag me around the house walking.  Then, within a couple of days, I could just set him down in the standing position. He no longer needed me to hold him until he decided to sit down. Then two days ago, he took off from the coffee table and crossed the room to FTD, close to 10 steps! FTD and I stared in amazement, Ollie didn't even seem slightly surprised. I would think Ollie would have been stoked, but nothing, just glad to be at daddy's feet.  We clapped and did the happy dance.

Just two days later, he is officially a walker...but the way he staggers, stumbles, sways and catches himself on walls and furniture, he looks like a cross between a drunkard and a zombie.  I actually thought about dressing him up like a zombie and recording him, so I could send the video of him to AMC. Anyway, Oliver is walking... BIG TIME!

Now he is a walking maniac.  He walks up and down the hall, through the kitchen and is even taking the corners like a pro.  Scary, very scary.  He still cannot stand up by himself, but he has learned to use just about anything to stand-up, even a small toy to push off of to stand-up.  Anything he can use to stand-up is fair game... and then he is off!

He stands to play with his books

Me: Ollie, please bring Mommy the book
Ollie: This Book?!

Ollie: Ok! 

Here I come!!
(Sorry for the fuzzy photos, he weebles and wobbles quite a bit!)

Ollie: Here you go... OOH what's up there???
(You cannot see, but he is looking at the edge of his little dresser...
he sees a whole new level of fun, we see a whole new level of child proofing)

Oh, you all... I am kind of bummed.  He is only 11-months-old!  I want my baby to stay my baby.  It seems like since he was born he has been in a hurry to grow-up!  He is so busy now.  He is busy learning to walk, and climb and throw things.  He is busy growing-up and it's killing me!

If you are reading this and thinking, "My baby is no where near walking at 11-months." Be thankful! They grow up so fast, meet and beat their milestones before you know it. For us, the milestones have come and gone SO SO SO quickly! Of course I am proud of my little baby, he is awesome and wonderful and so smart and capable, but in the end, they all walk eventually, why does mine have to haul ass first? Oh how I wish I could dig in my heals and slow down time!

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