Mommy Super Powers!

Last night I couldn't get to sleep... I just laid there, staring at the ceiling for hours. I think I finally fell asleep around 2 am, but never really slept well. And to make matters worse, after saying how awesome Ollie was at sleeping in, he was up and hungry at 6am. So, yeah, I slept for all of four hours last night, if you can even call it sleep.

Mid-day I realized I was not even really that tired, just annoyed. Apparently, after 11-months of being constantly sleep deprived, I can function well on little-to-no sleep!  I guess that's good. I mean, I think I am even going to go so far as to call it a Mommy Super Power!  And then I started thinking... What other super powers do I have now that I am a mommy?

I realized that I have the ability to...

1.  Have limitless patience that is Sainthood worthy.
2. Carry a brick shit house baby with one hand, on one hip, for miles.
3. Clean up puke, pee and shit with out puking.
4. Sing along to kids songs on a constant loop in the car.... by myself for miles before I realize I could be listening to anything else. (Ok, maybe that is not a super power, but it is pretty amazing to me that I haven't lost my mind after l hearing BINGO for the four hundredth time!)
5. Be repeatedly punched in the face, eye gouged and scratched without ever passing out or crying.
6. Talk about only baby/kid related topics to my friends and baby for days on end without loosing my shit.
7. Get little to no sleep, for months on end, and not die of exhaustion.
8. Put myself and my needs second, and be thankful for it!
9.Cover up dark circles and luggage size under eye bags like a boss!
10. Love on a super human level.

I know there are some powers I am forgetting... But, it's the Super Powers I have yet to gain I am most excited for!  Oliver is only 11-months-old, imagine the Super Powers I will have when he is 5!

What are your favorite super powers?

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Kristy J said...

First off, kudos to you for having so much patience. That is something I still try to strive for everyday.
I think your super powers are awesome. Ollie's a lucky lil guy to have a momma like you.
I think the only superpower I've obtained is being able to shower, get dressed, and apply makeup in under 20 minutes.
And my husband will attest that my superpower has always been and has gotten stronger since the baby was born is "being in the way" Ahh well he'll get over it.

Puddin said...

I like the Mommy reflexes/fastness that you get when you become a mom. For years I was in awe of my mother's quick reflexes and fast moves and now that Im pregnant my powers are totally coming in! I am so fast in protecting my belly and catching things and just overall reacting it's amazing! I also cant wait to get that Mommy-fierceness when you become a mom and dont take crap from anyone! My mother is a pro at that! She calls herself a Momma Momma Bear....I hope to be a Momma Cheetah myself.

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

I am constantly amazed at the ability to not sleep superpower. I think before having a kid I would have collapsed in tears at month 1 and somehow here we are still going strong... I'm not sure if it's hormonal or a lack of choice but it is powerful nonetheless!

Unknown said...

You do have super powers and Oliver is lucky because of that. Just remember for his sake that with great power comes great responsibility ;)
Jae Mac, I'm Just Sayin'...(Damn!)

Marianne said...

You'll totally fly by then. Me? I can drive my minivan ten times better than stupid old WonderWoman in her stupid invisible jet.

Quirky Chrissy said...

I am Super Woman and I don't even have a kid yet. Imagine the possibilities a few babies from now...

You're adorbs. I just had to say that out loud. Again. :)

that suburban momma said...

Haha, yes, I think the super powers are necessary. Without, moms would be extinct! Lol! I hopehe's sleeping in better today.

Unknown said...

I saw a poster of my superpower: hear a cough in the other room behind 2 closed doors while my husband snores besides me!!

Layes Landing said...

My super power is no longer obsessing about my figure! I can show up with extra pounds from baby and don't even care. Comfortable in my own skin after 37 years, never thought that would happen!