Don’t Let Debt Worries Rule Your Life

The recession and rise in cost of living has left many families facing financial hardship. As times got harder more and more was borrowed by the average British family, and now in the recovery stage you are left with debt to pay off as well as more expensive bills and day-to-day expenses.

Debt is one of the main triggers of depression in the UK and it is also one of the top reasons couples cite for divorce. Looming debt creates an atmosphere in the family home that is stressful and worrying for all members of your family. Don’t let it rule your life, find ways to do the things you want to for less so you don’t feel enslaved by your debt.

Take a holiday. Yes, this might sound completely impossible, but those in debt are much more likely to need a break from their daily routine and money worries. It doesn’t’ t have to be a big holiday, in fact it shouldn’t be, as this will just add to your financial worries. Take a camping trip, stay with relatives within the UK, or enter a competition to win a holiday. You can currently win a free Butlins break simply by entering the holiday voucher code found on special packs of Cushelle on to their website.

If you are debt heavy but asset rich, then consider taking some of the pressure off by getting rid of some unwanted belongings. Have a massive clear out of clothes, toys, furniture and other bits and bobs you just don’t need, want or use anymore. List things on eBay, do a car boot sale and try gumtree for larger items. Once you’ve streamlined the relatively small things, then consider some of your other possessions. Do you live in a two-car household? Do you need both those cars or could you manage with one between you? If you could live without a second car selling the spare could free up a huge amount of cash and get your debt paid off faster.

You have to remember, there will be life after debt, and you can’t stop living your life in the interim. Still do fun things with your kids and have a few treats every now and again, just be careful with your choices to avoid falling further 

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