Baby's First Birthday... Make it perfect with these top 5 tips.

In a little over a week, my baby is no longer going to be, as my mom calls it, "a none year old."  While that makes me a little sad, it is certainly cause for celebration! So, then, how do I celebrate? What do I need to  keep in mind? What is the most important thing to do? Should I GO BIG with a grand party? Or keep it Sweet & Simple?  I mean, after all, my baby only turns one once!

So, after much agonizing, research and talking with friends and family about what were the most important things to consider when throwing baby's first birthday, here are the Top 5 Tips that were on every one's lips and list, regardless of whether you GO BIG, or keep it Sweet & Simple...
  1. Plan around nap time.  As much as this day is an amazing day to celebrate, you are still dealing with a one-year-old. You have a two-four hour window of awesome baby happiness. Plan to have the big cake and present event during your baby's most optimal time, whether that is right after the morning nap, or after the afternoons nap. 
  2. Get a small cake for baby and a big cake for guests. The first birthday, "Cake Smash,"  is a trend that is on the move.  Give your baby a cake to smash, bash and go crazy with.  Talk about photo op! 
  3. Keep it Simple. Don't let things get so complicated that you run around the whole time, missing the excitement of the party. This is your party too!
  4. Consider registering for birthday gifts.  It's not tacky, and in fact, helps your guest find the perfect gift... because you picked it out! Some stores offer a first birthday registry, and if not, just start a new baby registry.
  5. Take great pictures. I was repeatedly told the one and only thing, no matter what size the party, I will regret for the rest of my life, is not taking great pictures.  I was told to under no circumstance should I take pictures with my phone. Get out the good camera, take video, and make sure I take lots and lots of photos.  Then get them printed ASAP and put into a baby book. The photos will be timeless and cannot be a second thought...

If you have any tips or suggestions, please let me know!

FYI: FTD and I have decided to take the sweet and simple route.  Ollie will not remember this day, nor will he even really know what its all about.  We are going to have close family and friends come over, let him smash his own cake, and take great photos. That's it, simple and easy. I figure we have so many big birthday parties to plan a head of us, this first one should be about us and for us. 

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