Are YOU. Laughing at ME?

January 28, 2013
Seriously, are you laughing at me?  Do you think I am funny, or something?  Do I amuse you?  When you think of me do you smile?  Or even laugh out loud?

Or beg for mercy...

Or just sit there, begging for more...

 Well, if it is true, and you are laughing at me...

Then it should come as no surprise to you, I have been nominated to be on The Circle of Moms Top 25 Funny Mom Bloggers list. I KNOW!  I am actually on a good list for once, there is no 'Shit' in the title!

Unfortunately, this is not a, Congratulations! You have been nominated, and we have decided pick you, kind of honor.  It is a, Get all your readers, friends, family, neighbor's cousin's uncle's brother's kid's with iPhones, to vote for you everyday to win, type of honor. (You can vote daily.)

So now, without further adieu, my campaign speech....

Please vote for me because I post ridiculous pictures of babies washing their balls! 

Please Note:

1. I am late to this party, so feel free to get your neighbor's cousin's uncle's brother's kid's with iPhones to vote too!
2. You can vote daily!  I have a link on the webpage on the top right hand side.  or if you are die hard awesome, feel free to bookmark this page.
3. The voting closes February 13, 2013

 Click on the Circle of Moms logo below to vote.  It's quick and easy, no information from you required! 


Big Hugs,


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