The Sandy Hook Elementary...

December 15, 2012
I cannot even find the right adjective or words to finish the title... This... It's... Wordless...

I'm a parenting blogger... It's almost expected I write something about the tragic... Devastating... event that took place yesterday. I have 4 emails so far asking what I think, and am I going to write about it. Well, the answer is no. I can't write about it because I can't stop crying.

 I cry for the families who lost loved ones. I cry for my country and future of it. I cry for my sadness. I cry because I know my sadness is nothing compared... NOTHING... compared to the sadness consuming the Newton Community. I cry because this will probably not be the last shooting of this nature. I cry because my government is controlled by money and lobbyist, it  is impossible to get anything done in a timely manner. I cry because my son is beautiful and I still have him.

I'm blessed. I'm heartbroken. I'm helpless. I'm terrified. I'm desperate for resolution. I'm so very sorry. I'm so disgusted. I'm beyond understanding. I'm going to hold my son... I'm never going to let go... I feel guilty that I can do that. That's not ok.

I'm... Screaming on the inside. Crying on the outside. I'm praying for entire community of Newton.

These horrible events have got to stop! NOW!

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