Ollie joined his first club ...The Cookie Club!

I broke down... I let him do it... have it... eat it...

ME: "Here you go buddy! Your first grocery store cookie!"
That lady loves me. I killing her. Awesomeness. Mom leave me alone.

Ollie: Fine!  Give me the thing.  What is it again?
ME: It's a cookie, take a bite, you are going to love it!

Ollie:  Yeah, I'm going back to killing the chicks.
They are loving the Ollie show!
ME: Come on dude, eat the cookie!

Ollie: Awe shoo, it's a little girl. She's cute too.
Time to rock out some more Ollie show...
Me: Mmmmmm Cookie!!!  EAT IT!
Ollie: Whatever, I'm going to break it and smash it...
that will impress the little girl!

Ollie:  Fine!
ME: Mmmmm. Yummy right? I told you so.
Ollie: What's the big deal? Awe man, the little girl got away!

OK. First of all, what kind of a kid doesn't like cookies?!  He crumbled it up and threw it down a second later.  I thought I was going to score awesome mom points.  Not so much...

Second, is it me, or is my boy advanced for 10-months?  What happen to the baby era?  At 10-months, he's now taking one step on his own, babbling his brains out, smashing toys and throwing Tonka Trucks!  And now, he is now an official member of the cookie club. Maybe the cookie club thing was me getting him into it too early, but other than that, I feel like he is growing up way too fast. He refuses to sit in my lap or cuddle unless he is nursing or asleep. HE doesn't like being held at all. He even pushes away from me at stores.... He is crazy!   Please someone, tell me he will change and let me cuddle and hold him again!

How can he be so big and brave already? I thought babies stayed babies longer than 10 months.  How can it be that by 10-months old my baby is showing his independence, playing fine by himself, lifting heavy toys to put them on the coffee table to play with while standing up, eating whole chicken breasts, and even bumping his head without crying.  It's not right!  I want my baby.  I carried him longer in my belly, than I can carry him in my arms.  That's just not right! Not on any level!  NOT RIGHT! WHAAAAAA!

I digress...

We joined the cookie club.  He was not interested. I only cried a little.  Happy Friday!

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