Cakes, Cookies and Ice Cream... oh my!

December 11, 2012
Ever since writing about Ollie's Cookie Club adventure, I have had numerous comments and emails about what a big mean mommy I am for not letting Ollie live a little already. Well all I have to say to that is... Ok, then maybe I am.  I am just scared.  I am scared of so many things when it comes to my son. Everyday I worry about some of the craziest stuff and make up the most anxiety ridden scenarios. I do my best to control the controllables.  Oliver's diet is the one controllable I am really crazy over.

All right everyone, it's time that I make a confession. Oliver is Organic. I am that crazy mom. You know, the one who insists on feeding her child only all organic,  all natural food.  Ollie eats better than I ever have, ever will, and quite frankly, can afford to.  I cut so many corners in our family budget to feed Ollie the way I do. I also have constant "discussions" with FTD about my crazy obsession with keeping Ollie organic. It's out of control, I know. I just want to give Ollie the best start at life possible.  

I have made so many sacrifices to keep Ollie exclusively breastfed.  The last thing I want to do is go and pump him full of crap on top of it.  But, as I sit here and make my confession to you, I realize that I am... I have to stop.  I'm helicopter parenting my son's food to an over obsessive point!

I really thought letting Ollie have a cookie, a non-organic all natural cookie no less, was a horrible thing, going against the mommy code. I thought you all would say I was crazy for letting him have the cookie, not for not letting him have a chocolate chip cookie.  All I could think was, Can he have chocolate?  Can he have that much sugar?

Then I got a comment from my friend and long time reader saying she let her son, the same age as Ollie, have cake AND ice cream!  I had no idea babies could have ice cream.  I honestly thought babies could not have any ice cream before one. My poor kid, he is missing out big time!

Ha! Then today I got an email from one of my best friends and mother of two boys, telling me I am a big mean mommy, and to relax. She said as long as I Feed my son a healthy diet, a little goodness here and there is not a bad thing. I just have the whole idea that if Ollie has sugar he will turn into devil baby when his sugar level drops.  Or if he has chocolate he will go caffeine crazy, and ice cream, will bind up his little belly!  Turns out, I am all wrong!

I am a crazy mommy that needs to lighten up. It's just hard.  I have this goal of keeping Ollie all natural for the first year of his life.  I didn't want to let him have cake and ice cream until his first birthday.  I realized today, thanks to my friend's email and your comments, that I am out of control and need to let Ollie have the finer things in life... in moderation.  So I gave him a little piece of my cupcake today. And... he not only loved it, he survived!

Besides, he sticks so much crap in his mouth on a daily basis,
no way is he free of yucky stuff.

It's so hard being a first time mom. As a rule, I try to take the safe route. Of course I'd rather be safe than sorry. And, yes, sometimes I'm too safe... Thankfully I have friends who call me out when I need it.

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