An Open Letter to the Media Hounds

(Due to the horrific... Mindless... Devastating... heartbreaking... OK!  Clearly I am still having trouble.  I cannot write my normal post because I am still so sick.  So I am going to do what I do best when I am overwhelmed: rant and misdirect anger. What can I say, it makes me feel better, and right now, I want to feel better.)

This morning when I turned on the TV to catch up on the news of the day, I found three news anchors sitting on directors chairs in front of a local church in Newtown CT. They were actually hosting the show from the sidewalk. Before I could finish shaking my head, the show switched over to a reporter standing in the backyard of the bastard ass evil motherfu... shooter's family home.  When the reporter was finished saying the police were in the house, basically doing their job, and that she had nothing to report, she sent it over to a funeral home. That's when I changed the channel to find two other morning news programs camping out in the same locations. It was clear that Newtown, CT. had unfortunately turned into a huge media circus.

After 30-minutes of flipping back and forth between the three different morning shows, I had not seen any NEW news about the horrific event that took place last Friday, nor did I see any other news going on in the rest of the world. The reporters kept carrying on about the shooter's parents, their divorce ten years prior and his mother's love of guns. Really? This is what you call important breaking news?

I turned off the TV and decided I needed to write an open letter to the Media Hounds of the world...

Media Hounds:

I understand that it is your job to provide your viewers with the latest breaking news, however I am sick of you hounding the shit out of people, digging up the most ridiculous information to create twists and turns to keep viewers interested, and most of all, crossing the damn line into unforgivable behavior to produce a good show.  I'm thoroughly disgusted! Tell me, how exactly do you sleep at night.  Does Lucifer make a nice bed for you in his den?


The first 30 minutes after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting you clogged the news waves with so many false reports, I'm still not sure what is true. And now, to add insult to injury, you are carrying on about pointless information trying to, "make sense of what was going through the shooter's mind." Are you kidding me?  Make sense of this mindless massacre? There is no way to find solace in that man's thoughts or upbringing!  There is no way to make this ok. NO WAY! The shooter was jacked up, clearly very ill and all together so far past fucked up, who cares what his mother did, or his life leading up to the shooting. You can report on this for forever and a day, still nothing you come up with will help these families, or bring solace to the minds and hearts of your viewers.

I know this is your normal mode of operation. I also know there are people out there who enjoy watching you for 80 hours straight. But come on, surely there is another way to spend your time and money to get the story out. Is it really necessary that you hound this grieving town and film each and every funeral? And how dare you chase down shattered family members to get a statement!  Are you that starved for news or is it just for ratings?  Seriously, stand down you rabid mutt and give these people space and time to grieve!

Here is an idea:  Get up off your ass, take your directors chair to Capitol Hill in Washington and stake out there for a week. Ask the powers that be how are they are going to work to stop these all too frequent mass shootings from continuing to happen. Ask them what their plan is for making our child's school a safe place again. If you used your insane amount of man power and resources to help the situation, rather that beat the hell out of it, then maybe you would have a story on your hands that was worthy of being called good reporting.



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Unknown said...

So so true :-(

Unknown said...

Thank you April- I've been pissed about the way they keep trying to ask how people are feeling- how the fuck do you think they are feeling? God forbid anything even remotely close were to happen to me, anyone had the audacity to walk up to me with a camera I'd be in jail too.

Sorry. It's just pitiful.

Anonymous said...

Very well said.

Kara Of Course!! said...

ugh.... it makes me so sick, the teachers at my daughters school discussed the FRIDAY TRAGEDY yesterday, yes I am glad my girls know the happenings, but I feel as their MOTHER, I should have been responsible for how much, and what details my kids know!!! I would like to keep them babies, and I doubt there is much innocence left in my 7 year old after telling me "he shot those kids with an AR-15"... WTF I was floored!!! Love YOUR face. <3

Christine said...

They are sensationalizing it, giving other sickos motivation and ideas. I've been sick over this as well. I've contemplated buying a gun since the movie shooting. And after this I'm fearful of the day I send my baby to school.

Quirky Chrissy said...

I think it's ridiculous how the news spends all of their time and money hounding families and making mass murderers famous. I wrote on It's a Dome Life that there are tragedies that happen every day...the news has plenty to write about that is less invasive than camping outside of a funeral home where a child is about to be laid to rest. Where's the coverage for all of the innocent children in Chicago killed in the line of gang fire? Where's the coverage for the homeless children around the world? Where's the coverage from the political asswipes who have yet to do anything but sit around and spend money on useless shit? Sorry. too much?

Anonymous said...

Well done! I live in SoCal near where the shooter came to our elementary school. Luckily, no one died, just a couple of darling little girls were wounded. But the media vultures use every excuse to set up live trucks and get new B-roll and shove that mic in every face they can find. It's disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Well said. well done....people respond differently to these situations and sometimes its best for the media to stop being paparazzi, ugghhh!