5 Free Holiday Wishes...

Yesterday I was blessed by the beautiful Wish Fairy, Lillian, at the wonderful blog Its a Dome Life, with 5 Holiday Wishes. Seriously, if anyone could figure out a way to give real wishes, it would be the wonderful and giving Lily...

Currently in the blogosphere, there is a Holiday post going around where a blogger receives five holiday wishes to do what they want with.  The only catch is that the blogger then has to hand five more wishes over to five more deserving bloggers. Yes, it is a little chain gang-ish. Normally this chain-gang thing is uber annoying, but it's the holidays, and I love wishes and hope and dreams and all the goodness that comes with the Holidays.  So, thanks Lillian! I am all over my five wishes and paying five more forward!

My wishes...

I have been thinking about how to use my wishes all day. I realize the right and proper thing to do would be to use them for good, be thoughtful and considerate with each one. You know, things like, 1. World Peace. 2. Cure Aids. 3. Cure Cancer. 4. Cure Lindsay Lohan, Chris Brown, Ke$ha and Rhianna of their seriously unfortunate battle with stupidity. 5. Health and Happiness for all.  Luckily, I have been reading the wishes of bloggers who have already posted their wishes, and they have covered all of those wishes. Such good people...

So, I decided screw it!  I am a new mom, wife and middle child "pleaser," aka sucker, so for once in my life I have decided to keep something all for myself. Besides, I will be giving my ass off in other ways this holiday season, these wishes are all mine!

Oh, and while I'm being all selfish and shit, I'm also just going to steal an entire wish idea and write-up from the same sweet kind person who gave me my wishes in the first place, Miss Lily at Its a Dome Life.

So without further adieu, my selfish holiday wishes!

1.  "I wish for patience. I need more than usual right now. I want to be patient with myself and with other people. I need to let things unfold naturally and have lower expectations. I am a work in progress. Other people are doing their best. Deep breaths, calm, centered…roll with the punches."  SO WELL PUT!  What is it about the holiday season that can make life so stressful? Plus, planning our trip to OZ has me so frazzled!  I desperately need patience right now!

2. I wish to be cured of my anxiety. I am so sick of anxiety.  And what's worse, since I am nursing, I am dealing with my sometimes debilitating anxiety drug free!  Oh, I wish it away.

3. I wish I can eat what ever I want, then it turns super healthy in my belly, and doesn't make me gain unnecessary weight. For example, the cupcake I'm eating now, will turn into a multivitamin in my belly.

4. I wish my bank account never ever runs out of money. Ever!

*5. My son lives a full happy and healthy life.

*Even though it may sound like I'm sharing wish number 5, I'm not. Nothing will bring me more joy and peace then to know that my son will live a wonderful life. Ok, yes that wish got me a two-fer, but I want nothing more in this world than for my son to be happy.

Ok, so now that I have been a selfish brat, it is time to finish out the terms of my five wishes, and send five wishes to five deserving bloggers.

1. Quirky Chrissy
2. Images by Shay
3. Love Art Baby
4. We Band Of Mothers
5. Snarkfest

Happy Holidays everyone!!

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