What am I supposed to do with all of this baby stuff?

Now that Ollie is 9-months and way too big for his baby stuff, I have an over abundance of baby stuff cramping my style... and crowding the hell out of my very tiny house. I am one of those psychos who's house is ridiculously organized, I mean everything has it's place. Every night after Ollie goes to bed I put up every single toy before I can sit down and relax. I know you veteran moms are shaking your head thinking, she will grow out of that... I know I will ease up sooner or later too, but for now I try to let the house be Oliver's play land by day and Adult play land by night.  Well, now that I am completely over run by newborn stuff with infant stuff stacked on top, I'm running out of 'place' for everything.  I need to do something will all of this stuff!

I have FOUR tubs of Newborn to 6 month old baby clothes, a large swing, two play mats, two bouncy chairs, a Bumbo seat with tray, a newborn car seat and base with a stroller we hate, more toys than I care to admit to having and a huge box of bottles, nipples, pump parts, breastfeeding accessories including shields, freezer bags, holders...oh hell the list just keeps going on.  I have an entire room of baby stuff that needs to be dealt with! Ugh.

Since FTD and I are already talking about a number two, full-on getting rid of all of the stuff is not going to happen, and until we find out what gender number 2 is, the four tubs of clothes are here to stay too.  So now I find myself, stacked, overwhelmed and overrun by baby stuff I don't know what to do with.  I can hear my friend Kitten telling me to lend it out, and my sister saying sell it and get what I need later, but the frugal control freak that runs my brain is saying, DON'T YOU DARE LISTEN TO THEM!

The issue is that I really am out of storage space for it all.  My sister has offered to let me store all of it in her attic until we need it again.  I know what you are thinking, problem solved right?  Yes, well, kind of.  I realized by the time Oliver was 4-months old I had WAY too much of everything. What's worse, I find myself accumulating (buying) more than I need for him now, thus creating the same issue I already have.  So what do I do?  What should I do to control the madness?

I am just starting out as a mother, I feel like if I figure out a good system now, then I will not find myself needing an extra house for baby/toddler stuff later.  I know when Number 2 is finished using the stuff, I can sell and donate without a second thought, but until then I need a system, or self control, or probably both!

So here is my tentative plan for now... I am keeping all of the clothes in the tubs already, I cannot be bothered to go back through all of those clothes. The swings, chairs, play mats, Bumbo... "Docking Stations," I am going to keep the 'best ofs' in my sister's attic and put the others aside for sale.  As for the toys, I will keep the 'best of' plastic or easily cleaned toys, but the stuffed animals and dust catchers with ridiculous cracks and crevasses I am going to donate or sell.

Moving forward I am only going to keep the best gently used clothes and donate/sell the rest, and do the same with the docking stations and toys.  My mission is to not get as overrun and overwhelmed as I am now.

So, now I have this pile of stuff to sell or donate.  What... no, How do I sell the stuff  in the most cost effective manner?  Do I go with Craig's list? eBay? Yard Sale? Once Upon a Child consignment like stores?  No Seriously, I am honestly asking this question of YOU!  I would love... LOVE... to know what is the best way to flog off the baby stuff I no longer want?  I would also love to know what you are doing with or how you are storing the baby stuff you are saving for #2. Please don't tell me I am the only minimalist turned horder in the bunch looking to turn a profit?

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