Thanksgiving. Then and Now... 365 rewind.

(I posted this first part on last year on Thanksgiving...)

I know Thanksgiving is only celebrated in America, but today I invite those of you outside of the States to join me in Thanksgiving too. I am so thankful for you my readers and friends. You have no idea how much you mean to me. 

Jenny from the Block, Food Pixie, Claire, Jessika, Janelle, Lauren L, Kara Bear, Michelle, Felicia,  FTM@27, Tasha, Amabelle, Natalie, Nadia, Cindy M., Maylin, Jules, Jessica, Joss, Julie, Jessi, AMW90, Cathy, Laura, Samantha and all of you who posted as Anonymous, Thank You!  

Also, to my daily reader in Qatar, Belfast, Seoul, Newton Abbot and Brazil, thanks to my analytics, I know you are out there and really appreciate you! To all of you in my Big 4--Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia and the United States, Thank you!

You all have no idea how much I need you.  Some days I just do not want to do anything but feel sorry for my whiny, swollen, achy, annoyed, edgy, hungry, pregnant ass, but then I think of you all, and know for some crazy reason you actually enjoy hearing me piss and moan about how sorry I feel for myself. Thank you.  You all are crazy! Remember, if you ever need someone to listen to you piss and moan, send me an email, I totally owe you one!

I am of course very thankful today for my growing baby boy, my husband, my family and friends. I’m thankful for the roof over my head, food on the table and warm air pouring out of my furnace. I’m thankful for my faith and inner peace.

I am also VERY thankful that I am not in the first trimester, because I love me some Thanksgiving feast yum-yum!  To all of you still battling “morning-noon-night sickness” my heart goes out to you and I will be eating and praying for you. I promise, this too shall pass, so hopefully by Christmas you will be able to finally eat your holiday feast too.

I am just so thankful today for all of the wonderful people, readers and gifts I have in my life. I hope you as well feel the same peace and thankfulness that I do.  I am really making a conscious effort to spend the day in a state of thankful bliss and when I start to lose sight and want to focus on something crappy, I am making myself rub my belly and smile and refocus on my thankfulness. Please take a minute to think about what you are thankful for. Smile, you are having a baby!  

All the very best to you and yours,




Everything was so simple back then. My biggest issues were bloating, constipation and back pain... Funny!  Who knew those issues would become "simple" a year later?! Seriously, a baby certainly makes life a little (lot) more complicated. A baby also makes life so fulfilling and wonderful.  I wouldn't trade then for now to for anything... 

However, no freaking way could I have imagined back then what the next 365 days would bring me....

1. A beautiful healthy, very happy, baby boy.  (So Thankful)
2. Nine months of exclusively nursing my baby.   (SO! Thankful)
3. Struggle with postpartum depression. (Not thankful for PPD. Thankful I am better... most days...)
4. Struggle with postpartum weight loss. (NOT thankful) (It's a process)
5. The loss of my job. (Not thankful...ok maybe a little I hated that effing job)
6. Ability to stay home with my son and not miss a single milestone. (SO Thankful)
7. While my life is definitely more complicated.  Only the things that truly count... count. 
8. All of you listed above are STILL reading my ranting a year later!!! AND have become great friends.  Thank you cyber world! (Shay, Alissa, Kitten, Becky, Mrs. L., and everyone else who has been with me through it all and just joining me ... <3 thank you.)
9. I already am considering getting knocked up again! (Thankful for amnesia. And my siblings)
10. I'm Still Blogging! (Amazed & VERY Thankful)

And most of all.  I am 100% different and 110% better for it.  Motherhood is more than I ever could have dreamed...  

Where were you 365 days ago? What is your 365 rewind like?  What are you thankful for?

My friends...I wonder what the next 365 days will bring...

Happy Thanksgiving!

With love and prayers,


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