Splish splash screw your big boy bath!

8 1/2 months ago when Ollie's umbilical cord fell off, we blew up his Munchkin bath duck for his very first proper bath. My sister used it for my nephews and insisted we had to use it too for Ollie. It has a slip proof bottom  with a hot/cold temperature gauge.  It is the perfect first time bath for first time parents.

Munchkin Inflatable Baby Bath Duck

Now, he gets excited when he sees FTD pull out Mr. Duck for bath time.  It's turned into this big thing where FTD pulls it out of the bathroom closet, and then brings it over to Ollie for kisses.  Ollie laughs, gives Mr. Duck kisses, then I do, then FTD, and then finally FTD fills up the duck and in Ollie goes.

Ollie's first bath.

Lately he has been trying to crawl out of it, so we thought maybe it was time to just put him directly in the tub. FTD filled up the bath tub, well not drown the baby filled, but about 4-6 inches of water, with bubbles and a bunch of his bath toys. I carried Ollie into the bathroom, handed him over to FTD and stood ready with the camera for shots of Ollie's first big boy bath...

FTD set him down in the tub and Ollie lost his shit.  He lost his shit so bad I thought he was going to shit. The poor guy looked so distressed by the wide open space of the bath. He was flailing his arms and screaming.  It honestly reminded me of the first few seconds after he was born. Except then he was screaming to be put back in, this time he was screaming to be taken back out. It was clear that the big boy bath project was a fail... an EPIC FAIL!

Ollie's first picture...
He really did look this mad when we put him in the bath without his duck

Poor guy, we are not going to try to give him a big boy bath again until he full on says, "Mommy, Daddy, I would like to take a bath in the bath tub without my duck."  

Seriously, the poor dude was so freaked out, I don't care if his knees touch his nose in that duck, he is going to use it as long as he wants. I personally think it is easier for me to hold and wash him in the small space anyway.  As long as Ollie fits in the duck, he can bathe in the duck. Plus, I looked online and cannot find any information about pros or cons of using an infant bath until the child is 18-years-old. It's settled, the duck stays.

TIP:  I was talking to a girlfriend about Ollie's big boy bath and his love for his duck. She told me a friend of hers told her a great way to transition a from a baby bath duck, or whatever contraption you may use, is to put a laundry basket in the tub. This way the water can flow freely through the holes and create a larger space to start the transition. I love this idea, and have a feeling once Ollie's knees touch his nose we will give it a try.

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