Mommy Fail #10. Evil Long Finger Nails

Almost two months ago I was putting a sock on Ollie and scratched him with my fingernail.  Not like deep gouge, but more like a deep scrape up his leg.  Oliver didn't even flinch, in fact I'm not sure he even knew it happened.  It left this red raw skin mark on his calf, no blood, just a scrape. A few days passed and it semi scabbed over, but not hard scab, soft scab.  A few weeks passed and the scratch was still there, same size almost as the day I did it, but now purple in color.

So when we went to our 9-month well baby check-up that mark was at the top of my list of questions.  I pointed at it, explained what happened and then asked the doctor, "Did I scar my baby?"  The doctor took one look at it and said, "Eh, it's nothing, it will fade over time." I just scratched him! How is it still there? Fade over time?! FAIL! FAIL! EPIC FAIL!

The doc starts telling me a story about how guys trade scars stories all of the time.  He shows us one he has, and then tells FTD the ultimate scar story about a doctor who had a bone in his back removed. FTD was genuinely interested and impressed. The doc insist that since he is a boy he will love it, and that Oliver already has one up on all of his peers for having a scar, because that is somehow a good thing in boy world?

Clearly I was visibly upset about the whole thing, to make the doctor tell me all these stories. I just don't understand how a scratch could have caused a scar? I don't care if guys dig scar, this chick doesn't!

I can see it now...Oliver in the sand box at 4 years old trading scar stories with the other little boys....

Kid 1: "I got my scar falling down the stairs in my walker when I was 11 months old!"
Kid 2: "Oh Yeah? Well, I got my scar falling out of my stroller when I lunged for a doggie at the park when I was 10 months old!"
Kid 3: "That's nothing!"  You see this scar on my foot? I got that when my big brother drug me down the street when we escaped from the house when mommy wasn't looking, I was 9 months old!"

Then the kids look at Ollie and say, "hey kid, how did you get the scar on your leg?"
My finger nail did that!  I throw up a little everytime I see it.

Oliver: " Oh, this scar here... My mom gave it to me when she was putting on my sock! I was 7 1/2 months old."

And that my friends is when my son gets sand thrown in his eyes. My poor guy, it's bad enough he is scared for life mentally for having FTD and I as parents, I had to go the extra mile and nearly scar him physically in the lamest damn way possible.  Welcome to the world kid.

Lesson Learned: Keep my finger nails VERY short.

This is his, "It's cool mom, just don't do it again." look.

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