It's That Time Again... WARNING: Here we come!

If the below map could have been created by you, then follow closely, FTM&D is going Down under  to FTD's Mother Land, Australia, for a press trip/ holiday/ getaway, and we plan to teach a thing or two about one of the most beautiful places on earth.

We are heading super-south in March, and will be documenting the the trip via Periscope, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, so follow along on your favorite, because there's no doubt, it's going to be very entertaining!

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To work with FTM&D while we are home, please reach out!

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Molley@A Mother Life said...

Being as how I've done that trip and other long hauls since the kids were super small .. my best advice is DRUGS! Get some stuff to knock him out. :) If you can't get any here,
Get your family in OZ to mail you some Phenergan.

2. He will most likely be fussy on take off and landing due to ear pressure, try to plan to feed him either breast or bottle during those times.

3. Check with your airline and book a bulkhead seat with a crib... Qantas is usually VERY accommodating in that regard. Also being a lap child the fare for him should be substantially less.

4. Jetlag with infants is a whole other fabulous ball of shit. Luckily you're travelling with the clock and at night. That helps alot. When you land in sydney it will be morning. Try really hard to get him on local time straight away. Worry about coming home when it happens.

5. Unless bubby already has an aussie passport you will need the same documentation as yourself. You could possibly rush for one at the embassy in DC try this link as a start https://www.passports.gov.au/web/newppt/applyingu18.aspx

6 How exciting and scary ..... Good luck and what a wonderful Christmas you'll have....

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

Thank you so much! You really have put my mind at ease. It's not like I am breaking new ground. And thanks for the links. I only have Ollies US passport. I'll be looking into those links now.

Thanks again!

Unknown said...

Ahhhh! Awesome news! Well, I've flown with Chase a few times, but never long flights. The worst is security and all that, but most airlines (even the super-crappy-cheapo ones) will let you check a stroller for free- so make use of it! If you can go soon, while still nursing- I'm just sayin'- sticking a boob in his mouth will usually help during take off/landing in general. They're at the age now where they'll be in hog-heaven with all the weird faces around (i.e., Chase at the post office yesterday- loved it!)... but the gift bags are not a horrible idea... send me the airports you need to fly out of, I usually am pretty good at hunting down good deals :)

Yay for you guys!

Firsttimedad said...

If you plan on going to the beach every day in Melbourne remember to bring a healthy supply of bandages, tweezers and dettol 'cause you're gonna be stepping on broken glass bottles and crack-head needles. Don't forget the parking there either (maybe $10 an hour?) AND "business class" flights WTF!!!

Alissa said...

Since the farthest that we've ever traveled with James was a 3 hour car trip I only have words of encouragement for you. You are a brave lady!! I can't wait to read about your adventure... and how awesome that you'll be there for a month and during the summer!!! Jealous... We will probably get 3 feet of snow here in MN. I agree with the previous poster and get some baby benadryl or something else to help Ollie sleep a good chunk of the way.

Oh yeah... and if you can get your hands on some Ambien or some other sleeping med you'll be able to sleep a good chunk too. Although you might want to put FTD on lookout while you sleep because you'll definitely be OUT!

AussieMummy said...

Yay yay yay yay yay!!!
It's all happening, sooooo excited!!
And don't worry, we hit the beach all the time and its fine :)

Quirky Chrissy said...

I don't have kids, but I would totally drug him. :) Shit, a flight that long, and I'd probably drug me. Or liquor me up...you know, same difference.

Good luck! If I had any real advice, I'd offer it up, but really I'm just ridiculously jealous of you getting to leave for the winter. Brian told me that after Disney and me without a current job and all of the expenses of new apartment without a second income... no winter getaway for us. *sad face*

Unknown said...

Have a wonderful flight! All I can say is, don't stress about anything! Babies will cry or there may be any kind of unexpected stuff happening, but just take it in your stride. Most co-passengers will understand; for those who don't, there's always the middle finger...I mean, path! :P

Unknown said...

When I flew to South Africa without a kid I was ready to go stir crazy screaming "Let me of this $%#&#&#**@9 plane. You will do it and then you will have a month to recover before doing it again. I can't wait to hear about your trip. Also, your friends baby being born on the same day? How awesome is that?