Host a Snow Princess Birthday Party

Today I am giving all of you mommies of little girls a post just for you.  I realize moms of girls may feel disconnected or left out sometimes when I carry on about my little man.  So today, I dedicate this post to you! I hope you enjoy... Because tomorrow I will be right back to talking about my monster baby boy! 

(Guest Post By Maddy Olson. She blogs on a variety of subjects that are deep topics and can change lives. Writing for the supplier partypail .com is a very rewarding passion she enjoys. Having four sons of her own has prompted her to write about the parties she has planned and hosted.)
Winter can be a really tough time of the year for hosting birthdays. So, make your event appealing to the time of year and that will make it more fun for everyone! Take a moment and close your eyes. I want you to think about how you thought of winter as a child. When I was young, winter was magical. It was lacy snowflakes, warm cookies, the smell of pine trees, red noses, and my breath in the crisp air… to name a few. I tried every year to turn the foot of snow in our yard into a beautiful ice palace where I was the queen. Yes, queen, with my soggy mittens, my coat wet down the front from the snow, my scarf halfway hanging on, and my hood tied tightly around my head. As a child, I pretended that I was royal and that my moonboots were glass slippers, the stick from the apple tree was my scepter, and all my invisible friends worshipped me. I didn’t have that many invisible friends, so I made up more so I was more…uh, popular in my world. Any of this sound familiar to anyone?

In light of being in the mindset of a child, throwing a magical party where your daughter is the focus, the princess of the day, is a great option to commercial fads. It is timeless, sparkling, and magical. Bring that out in your guests as well. If those kids don’t have any real memories of a winter wonderland, your party could really open their eyes.What Makes a Great Atmosphere?The decorations. Props. Food. Costumes. Music. All of this together will make your party a success. So I can just see you scratching your head, feeling a little overwhelmed. Where to begin? It is okay! I got this!

  • Invites:
Have fun with this! Search for templates to print off at home and adorn them with jewels, but make them as icy as you can. This is a winter princess party, after all. Another idea is to buy or make inexpensive tiaras and have a card attached with all your party info. Little headbands + jewels = sweet tiaras for little girls! The clear rocks you can buy for floral arrangements look like ice and are gorgeous! Now, the girls also have a souvenir. You might want to specify on the card that the guest princesses need to wear them to the party and be dressed in their most royal attire!
  • Decorations:
The whiter and more sparkly your décor, the better it will be for a winter wonderland party. Look at white table cloths with maybe an iridescent look. White napkins and plates, Crystal candlesticks, white snowflakes, doily bowls, and ice luminaries will all add to the atmosphere. You could create a little tea table for the princesses to sit at and enjoy hot cocoa and cake. White bows across the back stay in the winter theme and feather boas add to the magical, fluffy feel of the party.
  • Food:
One idea that fits the winter theme is having a hot cocoa bar. Many times, you can find clear glass bowls and plates for just cents to use for the display at thrift stores. They usually also have an overabundance of mugs. Use them as is or find plain ones that you can decorate how you wish. A little imagination and some ceramic paint pens will really personalize your cocoa bar. Then, think of things that you would dare to put in your cocoa, like candy canes, whipped cream, cherries, sprinkles, chocolate dipped spoons, and of course, marshmallows.Maybe make some icicle suckers? By making this sugar sucker recipe and cooling them in ice cube trays that are a little different, they will look like ice cubes. A little fun idea: Dip partially in water and then in coarse sugar for ice crystal effect!Sugar Suckers: Yield depends on molds1 Cup Sugar2 Tablespoons Water1/3 Cup Lt. Corn Syrup or Lt. Yellow Honey2 Tablespoons of any clear extract such as lemon, orange or peppermint.Combine the sugar, water, and syrup or honey in a saucepan. Heat on medium until sugar dissolves. Clip a thermometer to the side of the pan and do not stir, heat on high until it reaches 300 degrees or 310 degrees.Once it reaches temperature and is transparent, pour into a glass Pyrex measuring cup. Very quickly stir in your flavoring with a heat resistant utensil.Hurry and pour into prepared molds (a little cooking spray). While suckers are still soft, roll your stick of choice over the sucker. That will keep it from losing the stick. Extra-long sticks make it possible to display them in a jar.Other fun winter candies are Divinity, round peppermints, chocolate dipped pretzel rods (with or without sprinkles).
  • The Cake!
Cupcakes have become a real trend. They are cute and single serve sizes for kids. Another option is to cook mini cakes. One box of cake mix makes three cakes in 28oz cans! A little frosting or fondant and some simple piping will make little miniature masterpieces!Scooping ice cream into cupcake papers and freezing them in cupcake tins make for easy dishing up for the girls. More time to enjoy yourself!Just because your child’s birthday falls when the weather is not as desirable as in the summer doesn’t mean you can’t still have a magically fun filled day. Make it one she will never forget!

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