He's standing he's so strong! My 9-month old is standing!

I posted my Thanksgiving post yesterday because I knew all of my State side readers would be busy stuffing their guts with turkey and pie today.  So, today's post is not going to be about Thanksgiving at all.  It's more or less just for you Poms, Aussies, Kiwis, Canadians and anyone else reading from outside of the States... Because I know you are probably going to be the only people reading my rants today!

Today I was sitting on the couch replying to an email, Ollie was standing facing the couch... cruising up and down with his ball.  I see him pick up my iPhone out of the corner of my eye. (I don't think anything of it because he plays with it so much he has figured out how to swipe the lock screen.) The next thing I know, he is standing up holding it with both hands two inches from the couch.  Wouldn't you know, since he is holding my phone I can't take a picture! But I did crap my pants in excitement!

I started singing, "He's standing he's so strong!"  I am not sure if it was my mom and sister who came up with that,  but all three of my nephews have had they song sung to them, and now I get it sing it to my little guy!

When he leaned back into the couch I took my phone back and gave him the next closest thing to play with, a candy wrapper.  Wait for it.... wait for it... wait for it....
Finally he plays with the wrapper and leans back off  of the couch, standing unaided again.  I take a quick photo just as he looks over at me and wobbles.

The photo is fuzzy, and of course now that he knows I am watching he refuses to stand alone again.

Regardless, My 9-month old is standing! This baby is at the gateway to walking.  I am not that excited.  I mean, I look forward to his first steps, but if walking causes as many problems as crawling... No thank you!  The kid is hell on four legs crawling right now, I don't know what I will do with him even faster on two legs.

I was talking to another mommy friend who said she was happy when her son started walking, because he loved to eat everything off of the ground. So much so, she would just throw Cheerios on the floor for him to eat!  I digress... She said when her son started walking he was so focused on a new higher eye level, that he stopped eating off of the floor as much. So for mums of floor eaters... walking is a very good thing!

I have also heard that once Ollie starts walking I will loose the rest of my baby weight chasing him around.  If that's true, then I will happily anticipate and embrace those first few steps. However, I was told nursing would help me lose weight quickly, and that ended up being a load of horseshit.

Anyways, Ollie is on the cusp of those first steps.  I am super excited for him, but I am certainly not going to push him along.  My baby has developed so quickly these past 9-months, I want him to slow down.  While I want my boy to be an over achiever, he doesn't need to be a constant show off!

I'll keep you posted...

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