9-Month-Old Baby Milestones, Mamas, Munchies, Meltdowns & Mobility

I feel like a broken record, "Month so & so... Already? I can't believe how fast the time goes... blah, blah, blah...."  I seriously think I write these monthly milestone posts every week. However, this month is full of bigness! I mean INSANE!  Let me just explain....


1.Waving, clapping and lifting semi heavy things and putting them on the coffee table.
2. Talking up a storm!
3.Eating all kinds of solid foods off my plate.
4. Standing aided for quite some time, unaided for 2 seconds, and cruising down  the couch or coffee table all day long!
5. Developing a personality.


As you all know Oliver's first coherent mumbling was "mama."  Last week he finally said "Dada," and now my friends, he yells out "DAD!" FTD is beside himself.  Ollie is also saying daaa-eee, somewhere in there the 'd' is missing, but it is clear he is trying to say daddy.  But my all time favorite right now is, "UH! ooooooooooo."  This is so cute to watch and hear.  He drops something and says UH! somewhat loud and then follows up by making a small O with his lips, and letting out a long low oooooooooo.  I love hearing the sound of his voice.  I cannot wait to hear more!

Over the last two weeks he has really started stretching his sounds and compounding noises.  I told FTD yesterday that Bobcat Goldthwait got his crazy way of talking from watching a bay.  Oliver sounds like Bobcat when he talks. Seriously, he yells, laughs and makes noises all at the same time.  Too funny!

I have very high hopes for more words this month!


Oliver is now eating so much regular food, he turns up his nose at purees.  He also insists on feeding himself, and if I let him he would eat an entire bag of organic Cheerios!  His favorites are broccoli flowerettes, super soft avocado, squash, blueberries, whole wheat bread (in very small quantities), sweet potatoes, pizza, pasta, rice, oh hell the kid will eat anything!  I just make sure it is small, soft and I never look away, not for a second.  My latest trick is to bring a snack cup full of Cheerios or puffs, and give him a few on the tray of his stroller while walking or shopping at the mall, keeps him content the entire time.  I only give a few at a time, becuse if I give him all of them he will knock them on to the floor.

I am still nursing him exclusively, and hope at this point to make it to a year.  At that point I will begin to wean him off.


The meltdowns are the new thing.  If he is unhappy I am the first to know, and then everyone else within ear shot is second.

His latest thing is he hates is driving in the car.  He used to be awesome about car rides, but now as soon as I sit him in his seat he screams and cries. It is so frustrating when I actually have to go somewhere.  I'll admit, a few times I have aborted the grocery mission because of his screaming.  I hope he grows out of it.

He is also not a fan of being held, he pushes away to get down, and when we won't let him... crawl on the floor of the store or outside... he fusses. I honestly wonder if he can break my wind pipe pushing away with such force! I have been told this is a boy thing and to get used to it.  If I am lucky he will want a cuddle again around 1 1/2 years old.  BOOOO!

Oh and if you take something away from him... God help you and your ears.

Mobility: Oliver is a speed crawler, a master of standing while holding on the things, and can stand unaided long enough to freak me out.  The standing alone is scary to watch, I am sure he is going to fall backward, but luckily it is always on his bottom.  We recently got him a proper walker, mainly so I could get a break during the day from chasing him. Now he chases me and thinks it's super funny.  We also use the Juppy Walker to teach him to walk. All of that being said, I don't think he will be taking those unaided steps for at least another month, but he has surprised me before...

All in all, the past 31 days have been epic in terms of growth and development.  So far I have learned that the big boost in a baby's development happen at 6-weeks, 6-months and now 9-months.  I cannot get over how much he has accomplished in such a short time. With little tears in my eyes I have to admit, my baby is not really a little baby anymore... he is a big boy.

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