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Today's Friday Question comes from a dear old friend who is about to pop out her 4th, yes number FOUR! Oh, and she is expecting this little bundle to rear it's head on Halloween... as if number 4 is not scary enough! Sorry, Mrs G. You know I tell it like I see it. ^..^

Anyways, God love her, her pregnancy brain/baby amnesia has caused her to slip and ask me a few questions... so here is her email...

"So even though this is my fourth actual pregnancy and I feel like I should be a pro I am freaking out. Do I have that much love to go around? Since you are still in the recoup phase so to speak, got any words of encouragement? 

On a separate topic, are all the ladies on your page with the original fathers? I wondered how others might be doing with a blended family."

This was my instant reply to her...

"I cannot believe you are asking me for advice! Of course I have to say GO TO SLEEP RIGHT NOW!  The lack of sleep after delivery is just awful. I also remember how hard it was to sleep when I was super stuffed about to pop... so just rest. Feet up!

I already think about how will I love number 2 as much... I tell myself that each baby is so individual that I will fall madly in love with the stuff that makes that baby special.  Plus, I have had so many people tell me I will love #2 more than I can imagine... just like I do with Ollie.

Now, about the blended family.  I am going to make this tomorrow's "Friday Blog Question."  I know of one reader who is in a blended family, and it seems to be going great, but I would love to hear how many others."


First of all, I have come to realize, while I am an actual new mom and 'first timer,' all moms are new moms all over again with each new baby.  Each baby is so different form the last, that you really do not know what to expect.  I have been told they are almost completely opposite from each other.  Which is awesome if it's true, because then I will sleep with baby number 2! 

Second, I have heard over and over again about the fear of not being able to love the next baby as much as the first. I also hear you will, no question about it. There is plenty of love to go around, even with number 4,5,6.... Oddly enough I don't have that fear at all.  I worry about splitting my time equally between the children.  Showing each I love them and have time for them equally.  I am a middle child, I know first hand the feeling of fighting for mommy's time and loosing.  Hopefully since I am mindful of this issue, it will not be an issue.

And last, The Blended Family. I come from the blended family dynamic.  And thank God for that!  My older sister is a 'half sister,' but as far as I am concerned she is my whole-hearted best sister in the world!  I would be lost without her.  She is my best friend!  I know blending at first is trying, but in our situation it was the best, even if I did get into my big sisters stuff and make her wish she was an only child again. ;)

I would love to hear about your blended family stories, trials, triumphs, lessons, tips...


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