Mommy Fail #10- Wasting my precious time.

When I say I failed for 'wasting my precious time,' I seriously mean, I wasted MY precious time! Fail, fail, EPIC FAIL!

Allow me to elaborate...

FTD took Oliver to the grocery store to give me some time to clean up the house and work on an article.  The minute they left I started racing around picking up toys, clothes, shoes and other various items so I could vacuum. Which, by the way, Oliver started hating the vacuum about a month ago. I am not sure what happened either, because I used to vacuum with him strapped to me in a Moby wrap. Then all of the sudden, one day when I turned on the vacuum he screamed bloody murder. Go figure?

I cleaned the house from top to bottom, scrubbed the floors, washed the counter tops and cleaned the bathroom, I did it all. Just as I was nearly finished with my last job, putting the clothes away, FTD and Ollie came in. I didn't even get a chance to start on the article. Ugh.

Within minutes of getting home Oliver and FTD had ALL of the toys out, Cheerios on the floor... The living room was destroyed!  In lieu of killing them, I just started laughing.  Not funny ha ha laughing, more like, I've lost the plot put me in a padded room laughing.

As I stood there staring at the destroyed living room, I realized I had wasted my time fighting a never ending battle. I yelled out, "NEVER EVER AGAIN!" and stormed off.  As I sat in my room sulking, the ugly truth hit me like a ton of dirty diapers, I have a baby, my house does not stand a chance of being clean for another 18 years.  Why in the world should I waste my precious (alone) time trying?

I also realized that with the exception of vacuuming, I could have done everything with Oliver and FTD home. The only thing I cannot do with them home is have peace and quiet. So no more!  Never ever again will I waste my precious time home alone cleaning.

I vowed to myself that from now on when I am home alone, which is so very rare, I will relax, enjoy the quiet, and if for any reason I decide to do something, it will only be for me! ME! ME! ME!

Lesson learned: Never waste my precious time home alone doing anything, but nothing.

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that suburban momma said...

Awww, I'm so sorry because I know how frustrating it is to get it all clean just for it to get messy right away. I have finally come to accept that messy is part of parenting. My house is never clean, but I don't sweat it anymore. Does that make me sound like a slob? Haha! I totally agree about not wasting YOUR time. Next time, you should have a glass of wine and put your feet up. <3

Unknown said...

Hahaha! It's so true! Sorry... I'm just as bad, but definitely gotta work on the "me" time...

Gailbirs said...

My group can have a spotless house turned upside down in less than five minutes. This is actually an understatement. I try to keep with it as best I can. I focus on getting the dishes and trash. I have spent countless days disappointed in my wasted time. The truth is most men and kids just don't even notice. True test, left a plastic cup filled with trash on the table. It sat for 3 weeks until I was so pissed I threw it out. When you're on your death bed the last thing your going to say is damn I didn't get that load of laundry done.

Alissa said...

Your post rings so true!! I remember one Saturday this summer we had a pretty bad night with sleeping the night before. I was running on about 2 hours of sleep. I had decided that when James went down for his nap I'd nap too. Well nap time came sooner that I had exptected and I was in the middle of cleaning something. Instead of walking away from what I was doing and taking a nap like I should have I finished up what I was doing (which ate up about 30 minutes of nap time). Well... I laid down and just as I was dozing off James woke up. I was so mad at myself for not taking the time to rest when I had it. It was a hard lesson learned! I still get frustrated with the mess, the dirt, the dust... but sometimes I look around and the toys, clothes, and dishes strewn all over the house and I smile. It reminds me that I have a happy family and helps me look past the clutter. I agree though, when you have those seldom free moments, use them for yourself. Save cleaning for a time when FTD can help you!

Happy Little Feet said...

That is so true. I make that mistake a lot, it is hard because the mess gets so bad so quick. Good plan relax!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

O girl, I used to spend all of naptime cleaning, until I realized that they wake up and make another mess. Now we have a 'snack party' upstairs after nap to allow me a little time to straighten up after they are up. Naptime is my time for sure (or else I wouldnt have a blog ha)