Making the Most of the Moment. Pity Party No More!

It is no secret that lately I have been feeling old, boring and annoyed with my life, or lack there of.  I have been longing for the ease and lack of responsibility of my roaring twenties.  I finally realized what a huge freaking waste that is. Basically, I am wasting my precious moments of today, on the precious moments of yesterday. If I keep this wastefulness up, I will find myself at 44 looking back to 34 wondering where the time went, and what I did with it.

That nonsense has to stop!  Life goes by so fast, sitting around wishing back the good ol' days is just plain stupid.  I have a beautiful son, who is growing up so fast. Now is not the time to be having selfish pity parties.  I don't want him to read these posts and think I regret in anyway having him. Besides, this is not at all about him, it's about me.

Someone once told me, "Having a baby is a process, not an event."  When I heard it I thought, Damn Right!  However, it was not until lately that I realized what that really meant. The adjustments that come with having a baby are epic. Changing your entire lifestyle to accommodate the beautiful bundle o' baby is a process to say the least.

A week, or two, of pity parties has created possibly the longest stretch of wasteful living I have ever had.  What a selfish baby I have been.  Seriously, at this rate my son will grow up before I do. While I would love to say, Abracadabra, make me super mom and super April equally, I know that is impossible.  So now I am just trying to live my life with the motto, Make the Most of the Moment.

If I live for both my son and myself, eventually a nice balance should, hopefully, emerge.  That's all this past two weeks has really been about, trying to find the Me in my new life of Motherhood. I made the mistake of letting motherhood consume 100% of me. Now, 9-months later I am resentful.  Not at my son, but at myself for not at least taking at a minimum 10% out for me.  I am definitely not winning woman of the year this way.

I realize it's not about trying to grasp onto the old crazy fun times in my life, that we all agree would be next to impossible to keep up with. It's about finding the awesome person inside of the awesome mom I have become. So my friends, with a glass of wine in my hand, I toast to the promise of finding the perfect balance between me and mommy. And this time I mean it... ; )

I love this photo of me.
It was taken in 08' in Voclabruck, Austria.
I put it on my refrigerator to remind me that
 this same awesome chick is inside of the awesome mommy I have become.
At least once a week I need to tap into her...

Happy Monday to you.  Have a wonderful week.  I hope you Make the Most of every Moment too.  

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