Girls night out... "9pm. Wear heels."

(In lieu of the Friday question, I thought I would share my first girls night out since... Well, getting knocked up!)

It was all spontaneous really, my sister in-law called me early in the day and said, "I'll be there at 9pm, pump a bottle and wear heels." I said, "No! I cannot just run out spur of the moment, I am a nursing mother!"  She said, "Nine. Wear heels."

My friends, I was sitting on the curb at 9pm, in high heels, applying lip gloss, gitty with excitement!  I actually didn't give a crap where we were going, or what we were doing, I was on the curb, in heels.  Hell yeah!

She picked me up and said, "Where do you want to go?"  I have to admit, I was bummed at first, I thought she had big plans for us. She told me that it was my night, all about me, and we should go where ever I wanted. I gave her my pick and off we went. I was stoked that I was about to have an adult beverage, and not on my couch... with FTD!  Again, HELL YEAH!

When we arrived at my favorite bar, we picked a table in the corner and were instantly getting the once over by the guys. I was not at all surprised, my big nursing boobies are bigger than the kegs their beers were being poured from.  It took all of 4 minutes before the first brave soul staggered to our table.  It took 4 seconds to get rid of him.

I could go on about our night, my massive boy getting spotlights and the tasty Blue Moons, but I will spare you... I will however talk about HOW FREAKING AWESOME IT WAS!

It was so freaking awesome.

I got out. I was me for a few hours.  I talked to grown ups. I danced a little in my heels.  I smiled and laughed so much my cheeks hurt.  I am so sorry it took me 8-months to get out and be ME, not mommy.  I was even home by midnight, which was perfect for me.

I cannot recommend enough that you do it too. It was so nice to get out.  Call your girlfriend, tell her "9pm and wear heels," and go do the damn thing!

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