Deciding when to have baby number 2...

Today's Friday Q & A comes from damn near everyone!

Q. "Are you going to have another baby?" or "When are you going to give Ollie a sibling?"

It's funny... Ok, it's not really funny...  The family planning Q & A started way back when FTD and I started dating with, "When are you two going to get married."  After being asked that 432 times (and getting an ultimatum from the US and Australian Governments) we got married.  Then within a month of getting married the next million dollar question started rolling in, "Any plans for having children?"  Yes, of course.  Luckily, seven months after getting married I got pregs. I was sure this would stop the family planning questions once and for all.


I nearly crapped my pants when I got the first, "What about a baby number 2?" question before Oliver was 6-months-old.  I'm pretty sure I answered with, "Easy killer, one baby at a time." Now that Ollie is 8 1/2 months old I feel like I am being asked all of the time about our plans for having a number #2. My standard answer is something along the lines of, "I would love to give Ollie a sibling, but the idea of two in diapers is too much to think about right now."  Or if I am not in the mood to talk I use the same answer I used when people asked about having us baby number one, "We will have one when God decides to bless us with a baby."  That answer was brilliant for stopping people from trying to discuss it further. You cannot fight with 'God reasoning!'

Now on to my real true honest answer to what OUR plans are for number 2.

A. FTD's answer is short so we can get that out of the way, "Not any time   soon."

He says that is because,"The claw and bite marks from are still healing."  Poor FTD is traumatized from me being a raging hormonal biotch through this last pregnancy.  My goodness those hormones sure were something else.  <insert evil laugh>

My answer is, "Right Now!"  Seriously, I have always lived by the motto, "shit or get off the pot!" I know I want to give Oliver a sibling, so I want to just get it all rolling. I want the two kids to be close in age. I would be super stoked with another boy to hand everything down to too. I hate nursing so I would like to just get all of that over with together too.  Being a new mom is not easy.  I have heard from moms of multiples that while you know what to expect with the second, it is not any easier to loose sleep and deal with growing pains.  I want to just power through the baby years and get back to being me.  I would also like to loose the baby weight one time if you know what I mean.

So yeah, I would be fine to start trying close to when Oliver is 10-12 months old.  I want to get moving on all of it, so my family will be complete, FTD can tied up after #2 and off we go with our perfect family.  I want my perfect family to be me, FTD, two boys, a cat, a German Shepherd, and a partridge in an effing pear tree.  Do I think it's that easy?  that I will have another boy?  Hell no.

So, the very true answer from both FTD and I is: No Babies Anytime Soon.

FTD and I are not on the same page about having baby number 2 at all.  Plus, Oliver is only 8 1/2 months old and I too am still a bit traumatized myself from my first pregnancy. We are going to just enjoy Ollie growing into a super boy, and let God's plans for our family unravel as they should.

P.S.  If for some reason FTD and God are not getting with my plan for baby #2 by the time Oliver is 2... I'll get FTD drunk, act all nice to him and say a little prayer hoping that tonight's the night!  Just sayin...

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