Dearest old friends, I forgive you. Drinks, on me!

Dear old child-free friends,

Yes you, the one who ran like hell from me when I got knocked up. I forgive you.  I know the idea of children scared you, it scared me too.  But, the bottom line is that  I miss you. Dearly. I need some girl time.  I need to be in a completely kid-free zone. I promise I am still awesome.  I may not be able to keep up you you all night like I used to, but damn it I am willing to try.

Yes, I am a new mommy and could talk all day about it, but I promise I will not.  In fact, I promise not to talk about my son unless you ask a question.  Ok, maybe I will slip here and there, but I swear the entire night will not be wrapped in breastfeeding and dirty diapers.

I want to hang like we used to. Talk about hair, make-up, clothes and the bitch at the table next to us.  I want to complain about our lazy husbands and the never ending pile of bills we shift around to buy the sweetest winter coat EVER.  Oh my goodness I miss you, the wine and girl talk like you will never know.

I tried being friends with other mommies, but all we have in common is our kids. Meaning ALL we talk about is our kids.  UGH!  I just want to scream when I get togther with a fellow mommy friend and talk only about our babies and their mass of poop. I finally get out, and all I do is talk about my baby. It's not cool!  While my little guy is super awesome, I am too and want to talk about me and my interest for a change. 

Please, take me out with you. PLEASE!  I need to feel human again. I need to feel like there is more to me than being a mommy.  I need to get dressed up in puke free clothes, style puke free hair and get the hell out of the kid zone.  Please call me.  First round is on me!

Love always,


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