YAY! Another Liebster! And, this one came with a slap on the ass!

I am truly humbled to be receiving my FOURTH Liebster award!  Holy Crap!  This Libster came from the beautiful and talented writer of In The Mom Light, Kelly. Kelly's website is beautiful, reads like a magazine and has fabulous content. Being nominated by such a talented peer is a true honor. So when In the Mom Light sent me a Liebster with a "virtual slap on the ass," I was beyond humbled!

Since I have passed the Liebster torch on to many other wonderful and beautiful bloggers in the recent days, and listed way too many boring facts about myself, I will spare you by only answering In The Mom Light's brilliant questions.

So here goes...

1.  Name one hot button (anything like people who drive sports cars, sand in your crack, etc.) Prejudice. Haters have a special place in hell!  
2.  Why did you start blogging?- To let all those forum know it all bitches know they could not touch me in blog land no matter how many times I saifd I was tired of being pregnant and there were no unicorns or rainbows! bitches!
3.  What super successful blogger do you most admire? Prez Hilton.  He is a total Douche Bag but a very rich and successful one. 
4.  Embarrassing moment – do it, tell us and it will be forever on the Internet! Read my Tiredofbeingpregnant.com blog.  That is 10 months of shitting embarrassing crap everywhere. 
5.  Favorite adult beverage or do you abstain? Maker's Mark Manhattan
6.  Favorite TV show. Big Bang Theory
7.  Sexiest man alive… go! Benny Hill! LMAO!!!  sorry....Colin Farrel
8.  If money was no object, what is your ideal job? Writer. lol I am a starving writer. So I guess I am living the dream! lol
9.  Most surprising part of motherhood. The Love. Oh my goodness the love I have for my child.
10.  Most surprising part of marriage. I just had a baby, I want to kill the man still. Yet, I love him so much I don't.
11.  These are hard questions.  I think you deserve a pass, so here’s an easy one – what are the first three digits of pi? 3.14 I am a total geek.  

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