Observations at 7-month Postpartum

Yes, SEVEN!!!! full months since I delivered my beautiful baby via the sunroof (C-section for those non-TOBP peeps).  How in the hell has 7-months passed already?

Oh, and I know I said somewhere around 3 or 4 months I was no longer going to refer to myself as postpartum, and then each month I have said, "OK, one more month of observations."  Well, my dear friends, I have officially fallen off of my high horse and hit the ground hard enough to knock some sense into me. Hell yeah I'm still postpartum!  I also realized the longer I rock out the "I'm postpartum" mentality, the longer I have something to blame for the pudge, gas, bad attitude, random acne breakouts... Oh hell, let's just get the observations list a rollin'....

1. I'm still amazed I am a mother. I wonder if I'm totally a head case for having a 7-month old baby and still finding myself in awe that I am actually a mother.  I have a baby... a son.  That's insane to me.

2. I have been breastfeeding exclusively for 7 months, not one drop of formula. I am here to tell you, "When you breast feed the pounds just melt off," is the biggest load of horseshit.

3. I have officially declared war on the last 15 pounds of baby weight.  Maybe it's 20... no I think it's 15... I don't  know because I don't own a scale. I refuse to let that hateful piece of anger inducing crap into my house.  My pants fit or they don't, a number doesn't do anything but piss me off.  With winter around the corner, it's time to face the fact that I have 3-4 months to loose the extra weight before I am couch bound.

Once the cold sets in, I hibernate like a bear.  What ever fat goes into winter with me stays, and usually multiplies.  I'll just tell you right now, by the time January rolls around I don't even lie to myself about New Year's resolutions and gym memberships. Every year I sit on my ass, knitting winter blankets to stay warm and blaming Mother Nature for my problems.

4.Thanks to breastfeeding I still have not started menstruating yet.  Which is super cool.  I may be ovulating, but I couldn't tell you if I am.  (FYI: If you want to leave a comment about how I can "reach down" and find out.... PLEASE DON'T I've heard, and no thanks. ;p)

5. I'm still struggling with the over whelming desire to punch FTD. In the face. Very Hard.  Damn hormones. ;) Co-parenting takes a lot of work, compromise and understanding.

6. I still have strange bouts of acne flair ups.  I'm 34, not 13. I'm so over it!

7. I have gas.  STILL!  WTF?  It was so much fun grossing out FTD during my first two trimesters of pregnancy. The third trimester it got old.  Now it's just plain annoying.

8. My hair has stopped falling out like crazy.  Thank God.  I was so sick of unwrapping my hair from my son's body.

9. My feet have nearly shrunk back down to normal. My feet grew a full size and a half during my pregnancy. I had people following my footsteps to find Sasquatch!

10. I'm still a hormonal hot ass mess.  I can cry on cue, then laugh hysterically and then declare war on FTD the next breath.  I was told that I may stay this way until I stop nursing. Which, idealy is when Oliver can have cows milk when Ollie is a year old. Ugh. 5 more months.

11. I'm finally out of my maternity clothes.  It's really nice.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still wearing larger size clothes than pre baby, but my maternity tops and bottoms are packed away.

12. "It takes 9 months for your uterus to shrink," says my best friend.  Why yes, she is awesome.  For some reason hearing that made me feel at ease, like I have two more months before I should even expect the pregnancy pooch to piss off.  Of course I asked her, "What about Beyonce and Heidi Klum?"  She explained they were freaks of nature.  I love her. You can love her too. Nine months ladies for your uterus to shrink... go with it!

13. My boobs are massive!  Freaking massive!  It really does seem like they are growing in relation to Oliver's milk needs.  So, does that mean my breasts will be larger than my head by 9 months?  I'm seriously concerned.

14. I'm still not sleeping well.  I keep the monitor on all night, so I wake up to every peep Ollie makes.  I just cannot bring myself to turn it off.

15. I honestly believe I am going to emerge from my postpartum life, the breastfeeding and pregnancy weight gain woes brilliantly in the end. I have a goal of doing all of this at Oliver's first birthday.  I'm not joking.  I feel like a woman now.  Mentally I love the direction I am going.  I just pray physically I will continue to get better as well.

16. #15 being said... I still want to run away every once in a while. I want to start over at 20.  I think I get so over whelmed by the responsibility and commitment.  I want to run away to No Responsibility Island.

17. Routine, Routine, Routine. I'm not sure who benefits more from the routine, me or Ollie, but it makes each day so much easier.  Wake Up, nurse, play, nap, play, nurse, play, lunch, nap, play, nurse, nap, play, dinner, bath, nurse, sleep. Repeat.  I love it! I need predictability.  We both do.

18. I freak out at least once a day trying to figure out the future and how I will pay for it... clothes, toys, food, schools, new house.  Daunting.  I have to remind myself, one day at a time...

19. I want so bad to be the very best role model for my son possible. I want us both to be proud of me.

20. Oh My goodness I love my son.  More than words will ever come close to describing. When I smell him and hold him close my heart slows down. I relax and my body fills with this beautiful rush of love.  Oooh sooo amazing.

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Unknown said...

LOL yay for being postpartum still! And yes, I LOVE your friend with the 9month theory - clearly she is a genius.

And seriously, #4 - you can check that sh*t??? EWWW

I'm glad to say my maternity clothes are packed away too - 10 days ago I fit back into my prebaby jeans and boy have they been getting a workout. I love 'em even more now than before!
And I'm completely with you on the baby monitor - I will be keeping ours on until Isaiah is at least 2, after seeing friends lose their precious ones to cot death.
And as I read your number 20, the wriggling giggling mass in my lap went still, and I looked down to see 2 big beautiful eyes looking at me full of wonder, followed by a big ole grin before the sleeve chomping resumed. Babies kick ass.

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

Hip hip hooray for pre baby pants!! Congratulations. Babies really do kick ass!

Unknown said...

I think I literally sighed out loud... "No Responsibility Land"- oh well- life is good with the baby monsters- and will never, ever, be the same :)

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

Seems like breastfeeding should cause weight gain not loss. I mean you are carrying around all that milk and extra boob! Love the sunroof exit, never heard that one before!

Anonymous said...

Ah number 20 is so true. Typing this as my little nearly 7 month baby girl is sleeping on my chest with one hand placed over my heart. She is the most frustrating energy draining handful sometimes but moments like these make it all worth it. Watching her dream, and hearing that laugh in the back of her throat when she is really excited and how her face lights up when FTD walks in the door from work. These moments make everything worth it. Maybe even enough to try for a baby brother in a year or so if I can convince FTD. Ollie is such a cutie, just wondering if you and FTD have thought about Halloween costumes for him yet? And plz for the love of God dont cover up that adorable face with a darth vader or r2d2 mask. *apologies in advance to FTD. :)

foodpixie said...

I'm right there with you on 1, 14, 16, and 20! All through my pregnancy and just before I read this post (at almost 7 mo. Postpartum) I thought-I still can't believe I'm a Mom.

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

It's my happy place...

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

My OB coined that one for me. She would always refer to Oliver's entry into this world as being through the sunroof. I loved it too!

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

LOL! I was worried about FTD's halloween ideas too. So rest assured, I have the costumes on order and no mask! As soon I let FTD know what it is... I'll let you know. soon.
: )

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

YAY! Your favorites are mine too! xx

Unknown said...

My daughter is over two years old and I am still in awe that I am a parent. It's kind of amazing and still scary. Are we postpartum for life or what?

Alissa said...

Craziness that our lives changed so much in 7 short months! I too am in awe that I am a mommy, but I wouldn't give it up for the world.

I totally get you about wanting to punch FTD... poor Andy hasn't seen the real me since I first got pregnant. I keep wondering when the normal me will make her appearance... but maybe this is the new normal me :)

Anonymous said...

Awwww thank you for sharing! I hope you feel better soon! Sounds like it sucks....and U made me giggle...everyone I talk to say don't worry the pounds will melt....um yeah right...lol and for those that do....they suck lol

Layes Landing said...

TRUE ALL TRUE!! Every one! I would also add that I am overwhelmed by the passing of time - his periods of development seem to fly by and I lose that moment forever.

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

It's is starting to feel like it! Maybe mother is short for postpartum?

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

It is scary. Poor FTD. Every once in awhile I try to be super sweet an nice. That lasts all of five minutes.

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

Totally sucks, but so worth it for my baby. Chewylicious... that baby fever is after you. You can only run for so long... ; )

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

That "F" word breaks my heart. "F"orever of course. The other "F" word I want to put after forever with a sigh. : )

Kitten said...

I... I don't want to suggest this TOO much for next year's Halloween, April, but my husband begged me to let Nathan be Yoda one year. So, WAIT FOR IT, he could be Luke and carry Nathan around on his back like he was Yoda.

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