Kids Make Kids Laugh

You want a sure fire way to get your baby to laugh? Find a kid.

I don't know what it is about my nephews, ages 2, 5 & 6, but they can get my 7-month-old baby to giggle to the point I worry about him breathing!  Nothing makes Oliver laugh like my nephews do. The crazy thing is that all the boys have to do is stand in front of him, no actual effort is necessary on their part to get Oliver going.

Now, if they actually try to make him laugh by being silly, then all giggle hell breaks loose!  You know, the insane giggles that turn a baby's face red, get his belly jiggling like Santa's and make anyone in ear shot giggle too. OH I LOVE IT!

Whenever the boys would come close to my son, he would stop what he was doing, look at them and giggle like I have never heard. Of course the boys thought it was hysterical.  The first twenty minutes at my sisters house was spent listening to Oliver and my nephews laughing and giggling away. At one point the 5-year-old was laughing so hard he had to bee line it for the dunny.

I remember when my youngest nephew was Oliver's age he would giggle uncontrollably at the older kids too. At the time I thought it was cute and laughed along and then moved on.  Now that the kids make my baby laugh too, I want know why and if there is anything I can do to keep the giggles going a home. So, I started googling, "why do kids make babies laugh?" I could not find anything on that particular subject. There are plenty of articles and list about how to get a baby to laugh, but no explanation as to why children make babies laugh.

All I know is my son loves my nephews and my nephews say the same about him. The three together are so sweet to watch.  As much as I would love to know exactly what it is that gets Oliver going, I'm just glad it does.

If you know why kids make kids laugh or have any ideas please share!


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