Idols, Awards, Shamelessness & Thank Yous.

The last two weeks of my life have been a blogging mess.  I mean I have been out of blogging control with all of the blogging things out there.  I used to just write my daily post, then go on about my business.  Now I am becoming some sort of "Blogger."

Which can I just say, I freaking HATE the word BLOG! Maybe I would be happier to say I am a blogger if the damn word were not so ugly. Not so close to booger.

Anyways, I am not quite sure what direction I am going in, with the reviews, weekly questions, and Saturday reader company reviews, (This weeks company did not get their website up in time. Again, email me it's free to my readers!) I see a post pattern forming, but trust me, that will change. I am not a pattern or predictable kind of girl so no way in hell will my blog ever be... I have also just decided to change the word 'blog' to something else that suits me better... stay tuned...

OK, moving on.


I have auditioned for "Blogger Idol." All of my peers were trying out, and all I had to do was submit 250-500 words of why I was the next Blogger Idol, so I did it too.  Yes, I would jump off a bridge... No, I have no idea what I wrote for my audition. I auditioned on a whim, winged it. You can too click here!

On September 20, 2012 the 12 finalist will be announced. Then there are a series of writing assignments. If you would like more info or to audition please go check it out.

This past Monday there was this big announcement about how a 13th finalist would be chosen from blog reader support. Readers are to go to the Blogger Idol Facebook page and leave the blogs name in a comment. When I checked out the Facebook page I nearly cried when I saw Mrs. Layes went there and voted for me. I may not have thousands of followers, but I sure do have the best damn blog readers out there.

I just do not feel like I can compete with blogs that have thousands of followers. (Even if they did get 95% by hosting a blog hop) To Mrs. Layes, and anyone I may have missed that just voted, thank you SO SO SO much. That really means a lot to me.  (For the Blogger Idol Facebook page click here.)

I'll let you all know how it goes... but no worries I am not holding my breath, so I will not die and stop blogging.


I really do feel so honored to have received 5 awards last week. That was insane.  Don't worry though, my head still fits through the door way. I am humbled but not stupid, awards do not make a better blog, good content and fabulous readers do.  So again, thank you so much to all of you who gave me the awards and support me and my blog.

I nearly started listing names of readers again. (FYI I love giving shoutouts!) I love that I know you all by name. I know your baby's names. You have shared pictures with me, even if you didn't want me to post them. I love our little group.  I will NEVER EVER loose sight of that. I write for us! (If you are new and want to share more about you and/or your baby's photo, either for the blog baby page or just to show her off to me! please email me at firsttimemomanddad @


I have been complaining to other Bloggers lately about how I need to find a proper job because my family requires dual earnings, but at the same time I am worried about finding the time to keep up the blog daily.  A couple suggested I set up a Paypal account for 'donations.'  Really?  I think that is shameless and tacky!  And how in the hell could someone make a living off of their readers.  Ewww I feel dirty just talking about it! I guess this is a new thing bloggers are starting to do.  I just feel like it is wrong.  Maybe my tune will change when I am jobless and my unemployment benefits run out... but I just do not know... it's seems as ugly as the word Blogger.

As shameless as I can get is to ask for you to click the "top mommy blogger"  button below so I feel awesome in the top 25. (The site refreshes the votes all of  the time. Once I get close to the top, my votes are wiped away!  So frustrating!!) Or sign up for Plum District because it is awesome, and I get $1 when you do. Yes, that's how bloggers make money, readers clicking ads, selling space to advertisers, and doing reviews.  I am probably never ever going to get anywhere with any of that.  It's not my goal


Thank yous...

Thank you so much to my sweet wonderful group of readers.  Most of you have been with me since the days of and I will never be able to thank you enough for coming back every day to read my writing.  I have been so blessed to share my stories, rants and experiences with you, all while getting some free therapy through writing.  While I am not planning on quiting blogging anytime soon, you and your little ones will be in my heart forever. Thank you, I truly do love you.

  I'm addicted to this site!

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