Halloween costume ideas and tips for babies, toddlers and big kids!

So, Halloween.

As a rule I hate Halloween. My mother single-handedly ruined this horrid holiday for me by the time I was 10.  From the age of five all the way to ten-years-old, my mom would throw a sheet over my head, hand me a pillow case, and send my big sister, brother and I on our way. Dammit! A white sheet with yellow trim does not equal a ghost. Sorry, I'll save the rest of that for the therapist. Needless to say, I'm totally scared. Oliver will NEVER be a sheet for Halloween.

Thankfully since having a baby, I am really looking forward to Halloween!  I finally have a child to parade around to get me free candy.  I am so excited to be that parent! You know, the one that drags their toothless baby around with the pumpkin head candy holder with the balls to say, "Trick or Treat." Oh man, I can't wait!

The Oliver family is going to be Star Wars characters. I know huge surprise there.  I will be Princes Leia, FTD will be Luke and our sweet baby is going to be Yoda.  At first we couldn't decide between R2D2 and Yoda. The R2D2 onsie w/ hat costume was SO cute, but we went with Yoda because the costume is warm, full robe and hat. (photos below)  Where we live it is usually cold by Halloween, so we need something warm. The last thing I want is to have a super cute costume that has to be covered up by a coat or blanket.  Remember, I am dragging Ollie's ass door to door for my free candy!

I did do a bit of research on costumes for babies and kids and here are the top five things to consider when choosing a costume for your little one.

1. Make sure the costume is weather appropriate. Beauty should not be pain for babies and toddlers.  (#hellotoddlersintiaras)

2.  If a mask is involved make sure it is easy to remove, does not fit too snugly and  allows for ease of breathing, through both the mouth and nose.

*Hats and masks could pose a problem for babies and toddlers. They will want to rip them off. Hats are best secured with chin straps using velcro to hold the hat in place The velcro will easily break away in an emergency situation.

3. Face and/or body paint on babies is not recommended. If it is necessary it should be free of all toxins.

4. Make sure the fabric is not "itchy." This is a sure fire way to end up in the sheet costume.

5. The costume should fit properly, not too long or tight.  With all of the running, jumping and skipping from door to door, the costume needs to move easily with the child.

What is your little sprout going to be for Halloween?  Are you making a costume or buying one? Are you going to drag your little one around for free candy too?  If so, what are looking forward to getting?  I LOVE Kit Kats!

 (FYI: I am going to open a new page on the top bar for 'Halloween Babies'. If you are interested please send me your sweet or scary Halloween baby photo so we all can see! firsttimemomanddad @gmail.com)

We got our costumes at Halloween Express.  Honestly, The Yoda costume did leave more to be desired. Very thin felt material and poorly made.

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