Funny Family Photos

One of my biggest regrets since becoming a mother is not having professional photos taken of Oliver after he was born. Still at 8-months old, we have no photos. However, we have plans. Big Plans! We are going to have photos taken next month. The new dilemma is what poses to do? What kind of photos suit our family the best?  I'm here to tell you cutesy cuddly family photos are not for us. We are crazy, and therefore need photos to match. 
While looking online for inspiration we found these...  A few ideas we like, families that made us feel better about ourselves, and a few we think should have landed the families in Child Protective Services care...


We want to make friends with them.

Glad they are not our neighbors.

I am a middle child.
I have no doubt the older sister pushed that kid...
Just like mine did.


Not only would FTD set this up with Oliver.
We would have it framed.

This is my family.

Hi! My mom is a Crazy Bitch.
But she thinks otherwise.

Come on.  These turtles deserve more.
Get the photo from a more discrete location. duh!

And the Award for Father of the Year goes too...
Not this dad.

Classic! Family with Three boys.

I can smell that from here!

A family portrait in a Cocaine t-shirt?
And father of the year goes to...
This guy!

Thank God I did not grow up in this family.
"Hey Kids, get out of the car! I got a really great idea..."

This is close to us, but we need more dysfu*ktion.

Very Cool!

However, too cool for us...


Spot on!


Oh, for fucks sake!
Can someone get CPS on the line?

This is brilliant!

That would make me proud.

Every family has one...

Uncle Rod...
Droppin a deuce.

Love this.

And the winner is....
Definitely NOT this one!

So, in the end we have decided to wing it.. and probably listen to the photgrapher.  I don't need anymore regrets...

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