Friday Q&A- Going from Me to Mom

Question: What are the things you miss the most about your pre-baby life but are so worth giving up to have Ollie? What haven't you given up? What things did you give up that you are surprised that you don't miss?

Q1.What are the things you miss the most about your pre-baby life, but was so worth giving up to have Ollie?

A1. My roaring twenties and thirties.

First and foremost, I miss the amount of irresponsibility that I could get away with pre-baby! I miss not having any accountability on the weekends. I could stay in bed, or go for a weekend long road trip at the drop of a hat.  I miss the feeling of no strings attached freedom.

However, as much as I say I miss the freedom to fly by the seat of pants and throw caution to the wind, I enjoy having my routine with my son more. I enjoy feeling like I have not wasted or missed one important second of my day. Basically, I do not miss my twenties, which somehow rolled over into my thirties by a couple of years. ;)   I am a much better person for the responsibility and accountability having a child brings into my life.

I also thankfully gave up…

My expensive shoe and handbag fetish
Rough edges. Seriously, I am softer and gentler now.
Filthy unfiltered mouth-I worked in advertising. It's a prerequisite of the industry.

Q2. What haven't you given up?

A2. Drugs, alcohol and prostitution of course!  Oh, and a little moonlight pole dancing too.

Sorry I couldn't resist...I have not given up my dreams and aspirations.

I still have to stay focused on my dreams and aspirations.  The first 6-months of my son's life I was 100% all about him. I quickly realized that was not healthy for either of us. There has got to be a balance between my focus on him and myself. I have to continue to chase my dreams for both of us.   I have to have a life too.

Q3.What things did you give up that you are surprised that you don't miss?

A3. My old life.

Before I got pregnant I really had an indifference to a responsible adult life.  I was basically a child when I got pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I held a great professional job, paid my bills and was a faithful and loving wife. I just didn't have anything else in my life but my husband, job and happy hour. Now my life has purpose.  I have a new drive to become a great role model for my son, and be the best person possible.

My new life is awesome, and holds so much more promise and hope. I would not change one thing about my life now. I really like the person I have become in order to be a good great mother to my beautiful son.

Thanks Mrs. B. for the question.  I really enjoyed answering it! I also look forward to answering them again when Oliver is 12-months old, just to see where my head is at then.  I also wonder if I will revert back to some of my lazy behavior once I get the full hang of this mommy business.  

I would love to hear what everyone else’s answers would be to one or all of the questions.

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