Observations at 6-months postpartum

(I know I said at 5-months postpartum I was no longer going to talk about being “postpartum.”  I changed my mind. As long as I have “postpartum,” I have something to blame.) 

I absolutely cannot believe it has already been six months since the birth of my beautiful son, Oliver.  The time has flown by so quickly. However, when I look back on the past six months, so much has happened.  My son has gone from a limp little slug of a baby, to a strong rigid lean mean boxing machine.  I have gone from a foul-mouthed selfish brat, to a creatively foul-mouthed, not so selfish mother. 

Without further adieu… My observations…

6-months Postpartum
1. I still have a bunch of junk in my trunk-I need to see the research on “Breastfeeding helps you loose the baby weight,” because I think that’s a load of poo.  I am still a ravenous piglet with a raging sweet tooth.

2. My feet are still a size larger than pre-pregnancy-The day I delivered my son, my feet had grown nearly a size and a half.  One shoe size is completely normal. I think the extra half size came with the additional 20 pounds I packed on after the “recommended” 25 pounds. Since loosing that extra half size I can finally squeeze my hoofs back into my old shoes. However, long distance walking is out, or pools of blood will start to leave a Hansel and Gretel trail.

3. My chest looks like it could feed a small village- I am completely amazed that women pay for breasts this big. I am so sick of of lugging these milk jugs around.  The scary part is that the older Oliver gets, the larger the jugs get.  Will I need a wheel barrel by 12 months?
4. My hair has stopped falling out.-Finally! I was so tired of unwinding my hair from my son’s body.

5. I no longer want to kill dear old dad!-I wanted to physically harm that man during and post pregnancy. Now, I love him all over again! He really has become the most amazing father.

6. I’m still not sleeping through the night.-This is so incredibly annoying! I still cannot sleep long stretches, even though Oliver is. It's so frustrating!

7. My c-section scar has healed up brilliantly, but I still have some numbness--The right side of my scar still feels a little numb.  I had a fair amount of nerve damage in the area, and was told I may or may not regain full feeling.  So far, not so much.

8. That worry I carried around throughout my pregnancy that something awful would happen to my baby… I still have it.-Apparently that friggin anxiety is going to be with me for the rest of my life.  It’s called being a good, caring, loving mother.  Shitters! 

9. My abdominal muscles still have not fully recovered--I suppose I could do a few more sit-ups…I'm working on it!

10. I will always be a little Postpartum--I have grown a human!  My body and mind will never be the same. In fact, I have given up hope of ever fully getting them back!

Tomorrow: 6-month well baby check up, and mom and dads 6-month observations!

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Mrs. Loquacious said...

You are lucky that your hair has stopped leaving you. Mine's still preparing divorce papers and moving out. The ones that have decided to stay are being evicted by my darling daughter, who considers hair a play-toy. :( This is why flashes on cameras are now my new enemy! They really highlight the bald patches on the sides of my head.

Unknown said...

Lol good luck with the sit ups - I tried, turns out my abs have completely left the building! All my friends warned me that #10 is very very true.
As for #8, I attended a funeral yesterday for a beautiful baby girl who was stillborn :-( That sent the mama-anxiety into overdrive, complete with nightmares! And yep, I suspect it's all part of the motherhood package (in the fineprint maybe?)

Unknown said...

Oh mama! Ha... yeah- even with Kaely 7 years later, the anxiety has subsided some, but never left- it sucks. Abs? Mine separated with Kaely, and even when I was exercising a ton (years ago), you could always feel the space, it's just...weird... that's how it is now- blah. I am so happy for Ollie's 6 months!!! Half a year- crazy!