Observations at 6-months postpartum

(I know I said at 5-months postpartum I was no longer going to talk about being “postpartum.”  I changed my mind. As long as I have “postpartum,” I have something to blame.) 

I absolutely cannot believe it has already been six months since the birth of my beautiful son, Oliver.  The time has flown by so quickly. However, when I look back on the past six months, so much has happened.  My son has gone from a limp little slug of a baby, to a strong rigid lean mean boxing machine.  I have gone from a foul-mouthed selfish brat, to a creatively foul-mouthed, not so selfish mother. 

Without further adieu… My observations…

6-months Postpartum
1. I still have a bunch of junk in my trunk-I need to see the research on “Breastfeeding helps you loose the baby weight,” because I think that’s a load of poo.  I am still a ravenous piglet with a raging sweet tooth.

2. My feet are still a size larger than pre-pregnancy-The day I delivered my son, my feet had grown nearly a size and a half.  One shoe size is completely normal. I think the extra half size came with the additional 20 pounds I packed on after the “recommended” 25 pounds. Since loosing that extra half size I can finally squeeze my hoofs back into my old shoes. However, long distance walking is out, or pools of blood will start to leave a Hansel and Gretel trail.

3. My chest looks like it could feed a small village- I am completely amazed that women pay for breasts this big. I am so sick of of lugging these milk jugs around.  The scary part is that the older Oliver gets, the larger the jugs get.  Will I need a wheel barrel by 12 months?
4. My hair has stopped falling out.-Finally! I was so tired of unwinding my hair from my son’s body.

5. I no longer want to kill dear old dad!-I wanted to physically harm that man during and post pregnancy. Now, I love him all over again! He really has become the most amazing father.

6. I’m still not sleeping through the night.-This is so incredibly annoying! I still cannot sleep long stretches, even though Oliver is. It's so frustrating!

7. My c-section scar has healed up brilliantly, but I still have some numbness--The right side of my scar still feels a little numb.  I had a fair amount of nerve damage in the area, and was told I may or may not regain full feeling.  So far, not so much.

8. That worry I carried around throughout my pregnancy that something awful would happen to my baby… I still have it.-Apparently that friggin anxiety is going to be with me for the rest of my life.  It’s called being a good, caring, loving mother.  Shitters! 

9. My abdominal muscles still have not fully recovered--I suppose I could do a few more sit-ups…I'm working on it!

10. I will always be a little Postpartum--I have grown a human!  My body and mind will never be the same. In fact, I have given up hope of ever fully getting them back!

Tomorrow: 6-month well baby check up, and mom and dads 6-month observations!

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