Mommy Fail # 9 – My baby rolled off the couch.

Um. Yeah. We suck.  Yes, WE suck, dad was in on this epic fail too.  I have always heard that “all babies roll off the couch sooner or later.”  “HA!” I said to that. Not my baby.  No way would I be foolish enough to let him roll off the couch.  WRONG! Fail. Minus 2 points First Time Mom and Dad.

I was just finishing up sorting through some warm weather baby clothes, when I walked into the living room to find dad and bub playing on the couch.  Just as I sat down to join them I realized I forgot my water in the nursery, so I stood back up to go get it.  At the same time dad stands up and walks away too.  We realized we were both walking off so we stopped, looked at each other, then back at Oliver… just as he took the dive off the couch.

OMG! OMG! OMG!  Dad’s screaming, I’m screaming, Oliver is definitely screaming. I got to Ollie first, picked him up and held him close. Trying not to cry myself, I start telling him it’s ok and kissing away.  Dad’s still freaking out, checking every inch of his little baby body.  Poor Ollie, I think us freaking out might have freaked him out even more. (Hmm possibly epic fail #10 right there...)

It took about two full minutes, but dad and Ollie finally stopped screaming and crying.  I’m still not sure which of them was more traumatized by the whole experience.  Dad felt so terrible, he was so worried that Oliver was broken. He took little man from me and kissed all ten fingers and toes, checked his ears, counted his hair follicles... First Time Dad was a first rate wreck.  I kept downplaying it, promising all babies rolled off the couch, and the fact that he was crying, meant he was ok.  

It was scary.  Very scary.  My poor baby rolled off the couch. Luckily, neither one of us was fully responsible for the fail, so we could not play the blame game. We both felt equally terrible and hugged and kissed as a family once everyone calmed down.  No harm. No foul.

My friends, my husband and I are great loving parents and we failed. It happens. I felt terrible for letting it happen, but it was an accident.  Accidents happen.  Unfortunately, now that Oliver is becoming more mobile, we cannot take our eyes off of him for a minute, not even a second.  Unless he is securely locked down in a docking station. 

Lesson learned: The days of the motionless slug are over.  Our baby has become a mover and shaker.  We can no longer leave him unattended for a second.   

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