Help! Some crazy ass baby has possessed my sweet baby!

Over the past week or so I have looked at my sweet little (near) 7-month-old baby and have said things like, “Have you lost your damn mind?” or “You cheeky little shit!”  And of course the, “Are you kidding me right now?” has come out a few times.

My son has actually looked me in the eyes-full on locked eyes with me- and telepathically told me that he has got me all figured out, and knows exactly how to get what ever he wants.  I looked him back in the eye and said, “Bring it little man!”

He has learned the whine/cry/scream routine will get me on my toes with a quickness.  No kidding, he laughs at me now when I come running!  Laughs. The baby laughs at me! I walk off.  He yells out.  I turn around and go back to him and BOOM! he squeals with amusement! WTF?

Another favorite of mine is for some reason the cat’s food bowl has become Oliver’s go-to destination. When he gets close, I say, “Ollllliverrrrr… that’s not for you!”  He looks at me, smiles and I swear he gives me a little wink before he does one last thrust towards the bowl.  We go through this more times than I care to admit to.

(Just a quick FYI: Oliver is not a professional crawler. He is still scooting and thrusting himself forward. I will post video of him trying to crawl on our Facebook Page if you are interested.) 

God help me if I let Ollie get bored.  Or should I say, God help my ears. When he is bored or just unhappy with his current situation he will yell out a strange little squeal then bust out the worst fake cry I have ever heard, and sometimes for fun add a fake cough on the end. I just look at him… “Really?”

If this child gets tired, hungry or annoyed he does this whole cry then laugh hysterically thing.  It’s disturbing. It’s like some Jekyll and Hyde crazy baby spirit possesses him. Oliver is generally a very very happy baby.  So when he is upset and crying all we have to do is smile or even sing the ABC’s to cheer him up. Well when he is really mad and we do this, he goes back and forth from crying to laughing to crying to smiling.  It’s not right…

My baby is almost 7 months old.  How can he have all of this figured out all ready? He must lie in his bed at night and think, “Mommy is a sucker and will do whatever it takes to keep me happy. And Daddy, he’s pretty easy too if I laugh at his stupid jokes.”

Something tells me FTD and I are in for a long ride.

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