Do not let the small stuff add up to one big mess!

I have been so overwhelmed lately with so many things. I wouldn't even know where to start to tell you. So, of course I turned to prayer, burdened and weary and all...

My prayers were answered this morning with the flu! I was forced to stay in bed ALL DAY! I couldn't get up, move, nothing. Dad had to bring Ollie to me for nursing. My mom came by to drive the hubs crazy since I couldn't get up to do it myself... Sick!

All that time I spent in bed, sleeping and staring at the ceiling, gave me much needed time to think and relax. I realized that all of the stress that was weighing me down was pointless. Not being able to play with my son and be with my husband was more upsetting than any stress I had been carrying.

I know this all sounds crazy... Thinking my prayers had been answered with the flu so I could realize that life is worth so much more than the minor things that I let add up to drag me down. Learning nothing in this world is worth taking quality time away from my family... I think you follow.

I'm feeling much better, Thank God! (Yes, another prayer answered!) Learn from my wasteful ways...Please let your stress go so you can be 100% with your family. Control what you can, and then let the rest of the crap work itself out. Or let yourself get run down and learn the hard way, in bed with the flu!

Now for a weekend update!

Thank you so much to everyone who clicked the Top Mommy Blog Link! We met our goal of top 20 and top 100, actually top 75! I know it is strange that all you have to do is click the link, but it worked!
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Also, thanks for "like"ing our Facebook page! First Time Mom & Dad. It was SOOOO awesome seeing your sweet babies and faces in those profile pix! Keep em' coming!! I was so encouraged that I even posted a photo of me and Ollie!

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Have a great weekend!



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