Babies, Families and Photos that will make you laugh out loud

 I laughed out loud at every single one of these photos.
What better way to start August off than with a laugh?!

This is what I expect hubs to do with Ollie, while I'm sleeping.

You never know... Halloween...

Hardwood floors anyone...

Another one I expect from Hubs...

Poor Guy, that's not a baby pool!

 Love it!

Ahhh Boys....

That's a hungry baby

I can see how he would think this is a baby water fountain.

I Love this.
I know my mom asked this question.

That'll be right.

That tag was in all of my clothes until 16.

Once I stopped laughing,
I made hubs promise to never do this.
He refused, explaining that that was the most germ free way.

So True


Well Done!

Now that's sleeping like a baby.

Again, had to ask hubs to promise to not try this at home.

Why do I know this will be tried at home.

Not so funny... But Super Sweet!

I love vindication

So sad. Please don't let me be lame...

That's my Ollie!

This is so bad. But I can't stop laughing!

Not right on ANY level!

After discussing another child.


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Mrs. Loquacious said...

Heehee. Do you just Google all these funny pics or what?! A good chuckle to enter into August - already?!? Whoa.

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

Actually a good number are sent to me. I save them in a file until there are enough to post. The hubs finds them all of the time too. And then to round out the post I will look for a few. There are way to many out there!

Unknown said...

I pity tha fool!

Love it :)