Tips and tricks for buying baby clothes

"Well at least he got to wear this once or twice."  I said that to First Time Dad (FTD) today while packing away some of Oliver's summer clothes. With Autumn around the corner I've started packing away summer clothes Oliver will not wear anymore. As I put a few of his super cute dressier outfits away, I couldn't help but sulk about the fact that he had barely wore them. This summer we spent most of our days hanging around the house in light weight onesies. There was no point wearing the cute Osh Kosh B' Gosh Overall outfit to just sit around and drool on.

What really mean by "putting away" is bye bye cute outfit forever. Of course I am going to keep a few of his best outfits, just in case I need them again, or have a friend who has a 4-6 month old boy next summer. But lets face it, most likely these clothes are probably not going to be used again by my own child. I'd have to be pregnant, by 3 months, right now for that to happen in the next year, and trust me I am not!

Today's experience taught me that when I go buy his seasonal clothes, I need to remember that we are not a very social, go-out-all-of-the-time family, we will benefit more from one piece long sleeve footy zip ups, not super cute complicated clothes. Besides, Oliver doesn't give a crap what he wears. I have no doubt he would rather spend his days free balling. Diapers and clothes just get in his way.  In fact, in a perfect world he would spend his day wearing only a diaper... and a helmet to protect him from his face planting and poor attempts at thrusting forward while trying to crawl.

In order to not cry over barely worn clothes I need to...

1. Not buy that many-or really only get what I absolutely need at first.  We all know we fall for that super cute outfit on the sale rack every time we go to Target or TJ Max.

2. ONLY buy on super sale, clearance or at thrift and consignment stores.

3. Call every friend I have with kids and see what cute outfit they have stashed away for that "just in case"  scenario.

4. Save my damn pennies because I'm going to need them every season until my son is (at least) 18...

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