6-month Well Baby check-up with Observations.

The "Well-Baby" appointment went very well!  Oliver is 21.2 pounds or 9.6 kilos, up from 18 pounds at 4 months. He is now 28.5 inches long or 73 centimeters, up from 25 inches at 4 months.  These new measurements put him in the 95th percentile.  If you knew me and his dad you would have no doubt about that.  We are both built like brick shithouses.

We got another round of vaccinations, and talked about the fact that Oliver is still a toothless wonder.  I was instructed to start giving him solids twice a day now.  Since he is still exclusively breast fed I just didn't bother pushing him to explore more solids. Clearly he is fat and happy!  By 9-months we should have him up to three times a day.

The doctor poked him, looked in his ears, rubbed his head, moved his legs and basically gave him a once over. At this time, the doctor is very pleased with his development.

All in all it was a great 6-month check up.  

Observations of my 6-month-old mini brick shithouse

1. Ollie is finally shoving his big toe in his mouth every chance he gets.  

2. He is rolling over in his crib now at night, which is scary.  I’m not sure why it scares me, because it scares him more. He wakes up screaming every time he rolls to his belly. Why he does not roll back over is beyond me.  I’m up a few times every night having to sort him out.

3. Sleeping through the night is debatable.  He goes to sleep at 7/7:30 either wakes up to eat at 11 or 12 (I always try to rock him back to sleep instead of feed him) or will just sleep through to 4/5. Then up anytime between 6-8am.  Regardless, he is sleeping enough hours, it’s just not predictable.

4. He is crawling backwards. Or should I say, scooting backwards by using his hands to push himself back.

5. He naps every two hours.  Meaning, if he wakes up at 7am he goes down at 9am.  When he wakes from the 9am nap it is exactly 2 hours from the minute I pick him up that he will be ready to go back down. Each nap lasts as long as he wants, very unpredictable. Usually one is at least an hour long, with the other two last at least 30 minutes.

6. He plays in his crib by himself for about 10 minutes every morning. I throw a few toys in and turn his mobile on.  He sings along to the mobile and chews on Sophie.

7. He wants to spend as much time as possible in his jumper.  I let him go up to 30 minutes, but I worry that’s too much.

8. Still no teeth! The doc says that’s great. The longer he waits, the less chance of cavities, before he loses them to adult teeth.  It’s completely ok. 

9. Oliver is so aware!  He knows what’s going on. You can actually see him processing new things. 

10. We are so blessed that He’s a very smiley happy baby. In fact, one of my favorite ways to get him to smile is by smiling big at him and using my sweetest voice say, “Smile if you think daddy is a big silly ding dong!”  Works every time! 

Now, Dad’s Observations… he went all out.  They are so funny, I’m still crying.  They deserve their own post… I’ll have them up Monday morning at 12am.  

Have a great weekend!

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