My Family

There is nothing like a big gathering of family-grandparents, parents, children grandchildren, great grandchildren... There is nothing like it because nothing but family can create such a functioning gathering if disfunction. The other great function of a family gathering is the massive waxing of nostalgia that goes on. I think that is what makes the mass of disfunction, well, function.

Families sitting around the table, pouring over memories of childhood follies, like the time Uncle Jason's fart made the baby throw up... You know, every family has them, stories that could collect blackmail. These stories keep everyone laughing and getting along... Well except when you are the person being called out of course.

It was during this most recent gathering of family that I had the, "ah ha!" moment of, OH MY GOD, I have my own little family. My own little family that, God willing, will one day be able to fill the big table. My own little family that will some day have stories of blackmail and loads of embarrassment to share with Ollie's children's children.

Holy crap, I really have a family of my own! I know, with Ollie being five months old and I'm just now getting all teary eyed about this... I realize I'm a little slow to say the least. I just think its all so crazy and new at first, having a baby. Five months in, and I'm able to finally slow down and realize what a true blessing my son is. Realize not only are the hubs and I, mom and dad, we are his family.

I may even be a grandmother one day, or possibly even a great grandmother! I realize now that the pictures I take today will be shared with more than Oliver's first date. Those pictures will be shared with my family, my grand children...

The possibilities and dreams of a large family of my own one day are beyond amazing to imagine. However, for now I think I will just cuddle with MY new little family and be thankful for the blessing that it is.

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