Happy Anniversary to me!

One year ago today I started www.tiredofbeingpregnant.com, with my very first post being, “I hate being pregnant!” The birth of the site came when I got so pissed off with those crazy bitch “know it alls” on the pregnancy forums. I needed an avenue to vent, that wouldn’t get me beaten up verbally by angry hormonal pregnant chicks. I am not sure what possessed me to start the full on blog, and even buy the domain name tiredofbeingpregnant, but I did it! I promised myself I would be true to my feelings, not care what anyone had to say, and under no circumstance would I judge any other preggy, and certainly not post nasty comments.  Mission accomplished! 

Honestly, I have started 3 or 4 other blogs in the past, but never published them publicly. For some reason with this blog, I thought the world needed to hear my hormonal ranting ass! I never ever imagined that I would have helped so many along the way. What a blessing.

Even though I stopped regularly posting on tiredofbeingpregnant.com, to start writing Firsttimemomanddad.com, I still get over 300 visits a day and regular comments. (FYI: to this day the most googled and read post is “I’m Pregnant and I Hate my Husband!) Knowing that the site is still bringing comfort to expecting mothers, means so much to me! However, I cannot take full credit for the site.  I could not have continued writing, 5-6 days a week, without the encouraging, kind and equally comforting comments that kept me going.

Thank you so very much to all of you wonderful women, and men, who followed me, related to my experiences, and encouraged me to keep writing when I couldn’t be bothered to get my morning sickness ass off the bathroom floor.  

To Claire, thank you for letting me know, very early on, I was making a difference, and for becoming such a wonderful friend. Xx 
To Jan, thanks for saying the “F” word with me, A LOT, and for being my sister from another mista! 
To Jessika, you just rolled right along with me from the nearly the very beginning. You are so encouraging and wonderful.  When Chase was born premature, you kept such and amazing outlook and became such an inspiration to me. 
KARA, if you are still out there. Thank you for being so sweet to me at work, and on the blog. 
Fancy Pants- Friends since childhood, and friends for life.  Who knows, Summer and Ollie?? love you. 
Foodpixie & Moonshine-Your comments and friendship mean more to me than you will ever know. 
Alissa, My Star Wars Sister. Thanks for always thinking of me. And sticking with me through both blogs.
Kitten, Thank you for all of your wonderful comments, you have been right there with me nearly the entire year, I love reading your blog and your humor is my favorite! 
Mrs. Loquacious, a brilliant writer and a true sister of faith.  You are too a childhood development specialist! ; p 
To Kate, the mother of Oliver’s beautiful Aussie Birthday Brother, Cooper, I cannot wait for our one year birthday playdate!  
Shay/aka Kiwi mum- You are freaking fabulous! I cannot wait to visit your new website!
To Esther- I just smile when I think of you! Thanks for the emails and sharing your smiling face and Baby D with me. You know… you could send more pictures of baby D from time to time. xx
Katie B., thanks for never failing to send me an email when I need it. Letting me know that I am not the only one praying that my baby will sleep through the night.  One day little William and Ollie will let us sleep 8 hours straight! 
To The Buxton’s- I think of you every time I think, “Everyone else can KISS IT!” Thanks for sharing your journey with me.  Our beautiful C-section babies are freaking awesome and anyone who thinks otherwise can kiss it! 
Jessi- Thanks for sticking with me through both blogs, and Thanks for laughing at my husband.  He was so happy you understood the “titty milk and scotch” dilemma.
To My sweet Sister Amabelle, CONGRATULATIONS!  I am so excited about getting to share your journey through pregnancy with you, even if we are half a world apart. I love you.
To Britmouth- Thanks for reading, and commenting, and being so kind!
Lauren L.- I really hope you and baby are doing well. I hope mommy hood is just brilliant. Email me!
Becky and Owie…. Thank you for your comments and emails and kind words. And… TOOOOOO CUTE!!!! 
Dusty- Thank you so much for your heart felt emails.  It really meant a lot to me. Hugs!
To Shy- Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing photos of Decclan!  You can send more photos anytime!  What a cutie!
To Tasha- You are so wonderful... even if you got your prebaby body back two months after delivery-  ; P Thanks for the dark chocolate tip! And for your kind and considerate comments and tips!
To Lisa- Thank you for sticking with me, and for sharing pictures of Chloe, she is just so precious!  
Christine-Girl.  YOU MADE IT!  I loved your little engine that could comments!
Pregnant in Alabama- I miss hearing from you. Thanks for staying with me through both blogs.
Michelle- Thanks for reading my ramblings everyday.  I hope you and Courtney are doing great and still BFing too!
To Diana B.  Thanks for sticking with me Momma! I hope you also survived the BF learning curve and get that beautiful gummy smile all day long now!
Holly D. Thanks for you encouraging comments!
To Kristen- I hope your little breech came into this world ass first and smiling like Ollie did! Thanks for staying with me!
To Amy- Thanks for reading and your great tips! 
To Seashell- Soon we will drop the inner tube… Thanks for reading and relating! 

To The Leighton’s, Julie, Tooshy, Shelby, FTM@27, Amw90, Samantha, Laura, Cathy, Joss, Natalie, Maylin, Nadia, Cindy M., Jessica,  Jen, Felicia M., Jess, Hpets80, Maks Mom, braillebrains, Anna, Kim, Amy, Carrie, Victoria, Ines, Jami, Nurse Fox, Grumpy Prego, Lielie, Blackbeard, Queenerika, Katryn Griffith and all of you wonderful ladies and gents that commented under Anonymous, THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading, leaving comments, sticking with me and becoming a special part of this journey.  To anyone I may have forgotten, forgive me, and THANK YOU!  Between both Blogs I have over 1500 comments, and still get over 600 views a day. Amazing, no way could I be here without all of you!

Another great thing worth mentioning is the world wide platform the blogs have. Everyday I receive hundreds of views from around the world.  My top five countries include the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.  I also want to mention a big Thank You to the readers from Singapore, Germany, China, Japan and the Philippines, I see all of you out there reading daily, your numbers may not be as large as the top five, but you still mean so much. I love the fact that we get to hear the prospectives and tips from mothers around the world.  I truly feel honored to have all of you reading the blog everyday.  

And finally to my wonderful husband, thank you for your encouragement and sitting by quietly everyday while I wrote these blogs. I love you. 



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