Don'ts for Mothers Part 2

Here is a continuation of favorites from "Don'ts for Mothers"


·      Don’t follow the practices of the Dutch or the French.  The Dutch keep their infants in a state of repose, always rocking or jogging them.  The French are perpetually tossing them about. A medium would be most favorable.
·      Don’t wake up your baby to show your friends what lovely eyes he has got. Let them wait until he has had his sleep out.


·      Don’t purge and Infant during Teething, or any other time.  IF WE LOCK UP THE BOWELS, WE CONFINE THE ENEMY AND THUS PRODUCE MISCHIEF.  (The book seriously has it printed in all caps like that. My husband said he couldn’t agree more. Too funny.
·      Don’t kiss your infant on the mouth. Diphtheria, tuberculosis, and syphilis have often been communicated in this manner. Infants ought never to be kissed except on the forehead, and even that should be seldom permitted.


·      Don’t use Stays on your daughter. These are the origins of a thousand deformities and diseases, and the cause of many fatal accidents. Tight lacing squeezes and torments, and whatsoever hurts the health produces ugliness.  Why should a waist be pinched until it is as small as an arm?  (No kidding! And yet, we still want our waists as small as an arm.)
·         Don’t permit a child to be in the glare of the sun without a hat. If he be allowed, he is likely to have a sunstroke, which either at once may kill him, or might make him an idiot for the remainder of his life

In the Nursery-

·      Don’t hang the nursery walls with paintings of bad quality. The horrid daubs and bad engravings that usually disfigure nursery walls are enough to ruin the taste of a child. (Yes, the hubs feels this is even more proof the Star Wars theme is best for babe)
·         Don’t allow anyone to punish your child by putting him into a dark cupboard or cellar; your child should never know fear.


·      Don’t restrain your child from romping in the nursery. It is his castle, and he should be Lord Paramount therein.
·      Don’t, on any account, allow him to sit any length of time at a table, amusing himself with books, &c ; let him be active and stirring. He ought to be tumbled and rolled about to make the blood bound merrily through the vessels. (That sounds like the constant discussion in my house.)

Boyhood and Girlhood-

·      Don't permit a youth to drink green tea. It is apt to make people nervous, and boys and girls ought not even to know what it is to be nervous.
·      Don't allow children indiscriminant and careless intercourse with strangers. They may learn vicious and destructive habits. (Oh my!)

This book is the size of my palm, yet packs one hell of a punch! Tomorrow I am going to by “Don’ts for Husbands.”  With any luck it will pack one hell of a punch too!

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