First Time Dad's 5-month baby observations!

While playing around on Dad’s computer this morning I came across this, his 5 month Observations of Oliver. He said he didn’t send them because he thought they were stupid.  Yes, he’s right they are, but what’s funny is seeing what dad’s top ten observations are of Oliver’s’ 5 month milestones.  They are so far from anything I would ever think of!

He didn’t finish them, but I am going to elaborate for him… ;)

I’ll write in Blue my elaboration.  Black is dad’s original typing….

Observations at 5 months

Well...we've reached the magic 5 month mark and all is going well so we must be doing some stuff right huh?  Ollie is a healthy, intelligent and happy baby with a pretty awesome personality and is too cute for words.  It's been fascinating watching him become "aware".  Here are my top ten observations at 5 months!  Let's see how you guys compare and add some of your personal experiences to the comments below.

1, Trying to make your kid laugh - Almost becomes a parent battle to see who can make him cackle and squeal the most-We spend hours trying to get Ollie to giggle.  As much as it warms my heart to hear him laugh… It is SO much better when I do it!

2, Poo going hard—Since adding solids to the mix his poos are MUCH harder. 

3, sitting up and falling over- Dad spend most of the day trying to get Ollie to sit up by himself.  I just sit back and watch the two of them replay the same motions.  Dad sits up Ollie, claps when he stays up for a few seconds, Ollie smiles then topples over.  Dad props Ollie up, claps then boom-topple!  Hours the two have spent in this cycle.  Dad really believes he can get Oliver to sit, crawl and walk with enough work, forget the muscle and body development necessary.  I’ve tried to tell him, but he won’t listen, so I just watch my two babies play together all day, laughing at each other…

4, fingers down throat- LOL! Oliver loves to suck and chew on his fingers.  And yes, sometimes he chokes on them.

5, kick in the nuts- LMAO!  This happens when dad has Ollie on the bed on his back, dad is standing up hovering over him trying to get him laugh.  Ollie loves it so much he flails his arms and feet, and well, kicks him mid flail. 

6, scratch in the face/nose/mouth- This goes for both Ollie and us. His nails have gotten so hard that he scratches hard now. 

7, new foods-Yes, solids are branching out now.  We get the Organic pouches of food that have combinations in them.  His favorite is Spinach, apples and rutabaga.  Mmmmmm!

8, making singlets / overgrown clothes- LOL! This is because in the States we cannot get baby singlets (tank tops), only onesies. Since the weather has hovered around 100degrees (40c) we went out and bought white light onesies and cut the bottoms off, turning them into baby singlets.  Luckily a few days later his mums package full of proper singlets arrived from Australia.

9, creaking, overweight bouncers, swings and bumbo- Oliver is spending more time in his docking stations, but because he is so big and heavy he makes a lot of noise bouncing and swinging.  The bumbo is no more, since his fat little tree trunk legs are too big for it.

10, dumbass tv kids shows- LOL! Yes, we are the parents who let our baby watch, The Mickey Mouse club while docked in his chair.  He loves the bright colors and noises.  I’m not sorry, he likes it and I get 30 minutes to pick up the house and check my emails.

Tomorrow Oliver will be 5 ½ months old, there are already 20 more things we could add to this list.  He just keeps developing and growing so much every day!   I actually look forward to writing his Observations at 6 months… and seeing dad’s too!

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