Funny Parenting photos (Best of Series)

(I couldn't repost the 'Best of' series and leave this one out!)

I get sent so many funny photos that I have a huge bank of them.
I thought I would share...

That's my lil' breech baby!


                               It is amazing how that works!

That's for sure.

And no eyes in the back of their head!

I remember when I did that!

As awesome as that looks...
I think I'll leave it off the bucket list.
I've already used it

Been there... leaky diaper


I've been saying that since 19!

My mom was 50/50 ; )

Me too!

That's my mom

I can't even think about this yet!

I would totally say that too

That's for sure!

I can see Oliver doing this,
since he does it to anyone holding him!

Say it ain't so...

I guess he's your baby forever...

That explains it

Wise woman

I'd blame FTD for this one

I can see how this could happen

Something tells me
I will write this note one day

Note to self... get bed I can fit under

And Don't forget it!

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