When the hubs and I were childless we would get asked at least once a week, "when are you going to have children?"  I always answered with, "When God gives us one." This answer almost always ended the conversation.  You cannot question God, so we normally were able to fly right through the "baby making" conversation.  Now we get asked all of the time, "Are you going to have anymore?"  I answer with, "If God blesses us with a second, then absolutely!"

Truth be told, I always said if I had one child, I would definitely do everything I could to have a sibling for my child.  I really believe siblings are one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child.  Here is why...

Siblings teach each other...

I totally did this to my brother.  And my sister to me.  
Siblings teach each other humility!

Did this too...
Siblings teach each other
sometimes life is just not fair!



Don't believe everything you read!

To keep your mouth shut 
for the greater good of the family

Grow a tough skin

Sharing is caring!

Team dynamics

To fight for what's yours

To be honest about your feelings

Except the things you cannot change

Everyone is different
and special in their own way!

To voice your concerns

Pain thresh hold

There is always going to be someone bigger than you!

To take the high road

Over protectiveness

People will say mean things.
Just don't let it get to you.

submission is sometimes just easier

Every thing is negotiable

No matter how old you get
Your sibling will always be 
your sibling.


How to deal with diversity

A sense of humor
Unconditional Love.

My siblings are a huge part of who I am today.  While I would have traded them for anything in our younger years, I couldn't live without them today.  

My husband and I are going to start trying again after Oliver's first birthday. I want to just get pregnancy out of the way and move on with my family.  Plus, I can put off weight loss until after number 2!

 But I will tell you right now, after we have a sibling for Oliver, we will stop there while we are ahead! 

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