5-month-old- Observations of my beautiful baby

  1. He is so aware of the world around him!  He knows his name and his home.  He knows his routine and toys. He is brilliant!
  2. He sat up all by himself for the first time yesterday.  He can hold his body weight up with his hands, then pushes off to sit alone, then forward to hands. I’m so proud of him.
  3. We have our nighttime routine down. Solid food, bath or wipe down, baby lotion (California Baby Calming lotion), then nurse and bed.  For a month now he has gone right down with this routine. 
  4. He positively hates lying on his back for more than 5 minutes.  He prefers to sit up in his swing with the tray over him filled with toys and teethers.
  5. He poops every other day.
  6. He only eats solids once a day, for dinner.  I am going to try to keep it like that until he is 6 months old.
  7. His coos have gone to goo-gaaas and oh-yeahs.  I love making words up from the partial sounds he puts together.
  8. Still no regular rolling over.
  9. When he does roll over he can pull one hand out to prop up, but still has trouble pulling the other out.
  10. He crawls backwards, scoots I should say.
  11. He is still exclusively breastfed and can empty one breast in five minutes.  It makes nursing easy, cheap and bottle free.  All of the pain and bullshit the first three months trying to master the art breastfeeding was so worth it.
  12. HE is a VERY smiley baby. 
  13. If he is up more than 2 ½ hours then he gets cranky.  Still my little baby needing plenty of naps.
  14. He sleeps normally for 4-5 hour stretches at night.  The 8 hours stretches are once in a while still.
  15. Gas still plagues him, very sad.
  16. He is teething away and refuses to use any of the proper teething toys I have bought for him. He shoves everything in his mouth except those.  He especially loves the plastic “links” that come in all different textures.
  17. He is too fat for the Bumbo seat.  He got stuck in it last time, and that was the end of Bumbo.
  18. He has nearly outgrown his infant seat.  We are trying to hold off until 6 months before buying him his new big boy “convertible” car seat. 
  19. He is just a big chunk of squishy cuddly baby. With “tree trunks” for legs according to my family and friends.
  20. He is the most wonderful, easygoing, happy baby. Our family is truly blessed.

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